Friday, 14 June 2013

♬ Tutorial ~ Decorating Your Phone ~ 폰테마샵

Lately My Phone Has Been Looking Kinda Boring.....

So the other day I came across this app called "폰테마샵"
...yeah I know its a korean name, so unless you can type in hangul/korean character, just copy and paste this into your app store.

I'm not a fan of Go Locker sorry! It's just that I find Go Locker way to hard to use!
But to use this app you HAVE to have Go locker.. don't worry, it wont mess with your settings like the " Go Locker/Launcher " stuff. Only reason you need Go Locker is cause its like the main app which actually lets the phone "lock" with the 폰테마샵 theme.

So I know the App is in Korean and not many people can read it!
So here are my step by step + picture instructions for those who want to try it out!

I have a galaxy SII so I'm going to be using the google play store. It should also work on Iphones :D

Download - 폰테마샵 and Go Locker (note. if you just type in "Phone Theme Shop" it wont have to use the korean characters)

Open 폰테마샵 (Phone Theme Shop)
Then Scroll down (On the Left) and tap  "LockScreen/SMS/Contacts".
Then tap "Lock Screen Theme" on the right.

Scroll down and Pick a theme that you like.
(NOTE. [Circled in RED on photo]  themes which have a money bag like character on the right corner are not free)

Click Download
Then Click Install with Go Locker
Then Click DONE do not click open....

Close 폰테마샵 (Phone Theme Shop)
and Open Go Locker
Make sure you are in the "Locker" section and you are in your "Installed" tab.
Find the theme you just downloaded.
Click Apply.
Lock your screen and Have a look at your new cute lock screen!

To download Home Screen photos that match your lock screen.
Instead of clicking "LockScreen/SMS/Contacts" when you open the app. Click Wallpaper instead, then simply download. The picture should save its self into your gallery, so you can manually change your home screen wallpaper!

Hope You guise enjoyed this tutorial!
Comment on how my tutorial was? or maybe what I should blog about next?
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  1. Replies
    1. ?? what you mean what source?

    2. the source of letters of the phone '-' I really want to know: (

    3. Sorry!! I really don't understand what you mean by "source of letters of the phone"
      If you mean what the App is called, you can type in "Phone Theme Shop"
      If you mean the font of my phone, it has nothing to do with the app, It's part of the Samsung phone thing:
      Go to Setting > My Device > Display > Font Style. then choose "Choco Cooky"
      Did this help you??
      xx Charmaine

    4. haha thanks, that was what I wanted to know. I search but never find that source. thank you * - *

    5. awww no problem!!~
      xx Charmianeee

  2. Can you help me ? i just found the one for boys , can you please give me link app fot girls?

    1. hi there!~
      omg lol...i had no idea they had an app like that!!...
      heres a link to the one my post is about XD
      xx Charmaine

  3. Sadly it doesn't work for IPhone.


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