Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Back to school......


I'm going to go sleep after I post this post...
First day of school today for term 3.
Could hardly wake up on time this morning (≖△≖)

One of my friends, Kellyyyy, gave me my be-lated birthday pressie!
U-Kiss 3rd Album, Collage!! (◕ヮ◕)*: ・゚

hehe that was a good start to the day!

Also got an invite to a friends' Sweet-Sixteenth birthday party!
The invite is reallllly Adorable!

I don't know what to go as...
I need ideas, fast...

Anyways I have music camp tomorrow, until friday.
Not sure if I'm excited for camp.
Everyone has told me that we are staying at an old mental asylum, right next to a cemetery. They also told me to bring tons of Cup Noodles because the food there is seriously horrible...

Soo sleepy right now


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