Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Special talk with Hetty E Verolme, a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust


So this week was kinda tiring for week is going to be even more busy though (≖△≖)...I've got a Math test, a Sose test, a Music test, and my Theory Exam next week + I've also got to finish my english essays (Д) wish me luck!

On Sunday I went with my friend, Christy, to the UWA Open Day. Got a free bag + lots of pamphlets. Also ate Churro's for the first time! It tasted really good with the caramel sauce.

Attemped to make faces. The sun was really bright. 

On tuesday I had my music lesson ( I learn Oboe at school ) ...found out my Oboe was kinda broken... and I had a band performance on Thursday...
Seriously every time I have a performance, my Oboe breaks....this was like the fifth time my oboe has broken....
Luckily/Unluckily there was a spare oboe lying around, so I had to use that instead.
lol if there wasn't a spare I could have skipped the concert!

Anyways Thursday we had our band festival at Churchlands Highschool. Apparently they paid a lot to get a really good, brand new auditorium? 
Mummy had to drop me off at a friends house first, because she and daddy had a business dinner to attend [ They got to eat a really nice creme Brûlée (┛◉Д)┛彡┻━┻ ]
Me and Charlene in our totally "hot" music uniforms ԅ(≖△≖ԅ)
omg the skirts are so long! I have to seriously fold it + pull it up to my stomach, just so it won't touch the ground! The boys are so lucky. All they have to wear is a white shirt + black pants + a tie.
Got home really late, around was freezing!
Her photogenic doggy!

On friday we had a special guest, a survivor of the Holocaust, come in to tell us some of her stories. Her name was Hetty E Verolme, and she told us some really touching and realistic stories from her experience, being a Jew, during the time of the Holocaust. 
One of the stories which she told us, that really made me tear up, was about her grandma. She was telling us how her grandma was a very strong and steady woman, and how after many years of surviving, she turned into a very skinny, fragile, frail woman, and in the end she gave up on trying to survive in such a horrible world, and let the Germans take her on a train, which Hetty knew, was a train which brought the Jewish people to the Gas Chambers.
I really wished she had more time to tell us her stories, she wasn't even halfway through her stories when she had to stop.
One of the things which really frightened me, was that the rest of the world actually knew what the German people were doing to the Jews, yet, no one did a thing about it.
I asked my english teacher to help me buy one of her books + maybe get her autograph, which she told us had the rest of her stories.

The photograph on the book was actually her "passport" photo [ ofc it was in black and white though ], when she was 12yrs old, which was on her passport which had exempted her from having to travel to Germany for a few years. The exemption help her and her family to last a few extra years, before being forced to travel to Germany, where their life would've been a "dogs' life".
In the end she and her family were sent to the Belson Concentration Camp, the same camp which Anne Frank was at.

I thought my allergy was getting better, but today it flared up on my legs again. (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥)
I just really want my legs to get better!!!!

Anyways on a happy note, I got a certificate for Sose!

Here are some random photos of Annie and Me taking selfies in the last 5 mins of last period. lol I think we managed to take over 40 photos...

Hopefully your week won't be as busy as mine (((╹◡╹๑)))


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