Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Weezy Award~


hehe sorry for posting this so late, but here is the Weezy Award post~
[lol just realised I've been reading it as Wuzzy...awks..]
Thanks Mindy and Judy for tagging me (≧◡≦)


1. Make a "note" to the person(s) who gave you this award.
2. Nominate 3 (or more) friends that you think they are close/good/kind/etc. to you.

3. Give a note to each of them.

4. Tag this award on those friends you've chosen.

*NOTE: The more you receive this award, the more it shows that you are friendly and like to be their friend. :) 

 Note to friends who tagged me 

Dear Mindy
Thank you soo much for tagging me ♥♥♥! First of all, I will forever be jelly of your Exo shirt! [really wanna get my self one (≧◡≦)] One of my first blogger friends, you are really cute & pretty and you have a really nice, sweet and friendly personality~ I really enjoy reading all your reviews and your tutorials, they are always interesting and honest. hehe definitely agree with you; you, me and Judy can definitely be the K-pop Blogger Trio
Love how your really easy to talk to and how you also love K-pop ・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚
Thank you for being a friend and always commenting on all my posts and being supportive~
Do you have Kakao Talk? I wish to talk to you more~ 
Oh and congrats on getting over 100 followers!!!
xoxoxoxoxox Charmaineeee ♥♥♥

Dear Judy
oh Judy! We have the same birthday on the middle month of the same season! That was a really weird surprise! (◕ヮ◕)*: ・゚~ hehe every time I look at your posts I get hungry and jelly of all the good food you get to eat! Both you and Mindy were one of my first blogger friends and I always enjoy talking to you~ We have really random, but interesting convos sometimes [hope I'm not bugging you!]
Thank you for always commenting on my posts and being such a lovely friend! ♥♥♥
haha now we can have our random convos on Kakao instead of being limited to 140 characters on twitter~ haha Come to Australia one day so you can experience not having to tip people everywhere you go! (˘˘)
xoxoxoxooxxoxoxoxoxox Charrrmaineeee ♥♥♥

  Friends I tag 
I really wanted to tag more people, but I've got to seriously attempt to focus on studying right now ( σ ) would have attempted to write one for all my followers but yeah..I can't..sorry!!!!! If  I missed you and you would like me to do one for you let me know kkies??!!! I'll definitely try to write one for you~

Dear Joyce 
okkie my real-life good friend! hehe love you to bits Joycey~ This time you better be bothered to do this tag!!! Don't tell me you "can't be bothered" I'll come over and bring along someones' bag for you to smell [yes this is the best threat-like thingy I can come up with right now] hehe moving on!
Love how I can always relay on you and how you are so smart! especially in Science, you got 100%!!
Your photography is always amazing and beautiful~ I truly believe you could totally become a director if you put your mind to it!
Aiyoo could write o much more about you, but right now I'm gonna go eat and look through the photos you sent me~ xoxo Charmaineeee

Dear Emily
Another of my first blogger friends! Love how you are super friendly and you also love K-pop! you have a really REALLY nice fashion taste~ looking at your posts makes me wish I was skinny enough to be able to look like those models who wear the clothes! Thanks for commenting and adding me on Kakao~ Hope we can talk more often! xx Charrmaineee

Dear June
You have such a funny, nice personality! Always enjoy reading your honest reviews, I find them really funny sometimes when you add your little bit of humour to them~ Your a popular, super-pretty blogger. wah! just realised you changed your blogger dp~
Do wish to talk to you more and get to know you better!
xx Charrmaineeeeeee

One of my new followers~ hehe I still don't know your name yet, so I've named you "miss Crownpolish"  in my head (≧◡≦) Your a really easy-to-talk-to friendly blogger, who is SUPER talented at nail art! your really friendly and modest~ Hope to be able to get to know you better~ xxx Charmaineeee

Dear GaEul
Your one year younger than me, but your Super Smart and really pretty! All your posts are cute, intresting and sometimes funny~ love how your really honest and you just let everyone know about your own opinion~ Really hope everything is getting better for you right now 
Hope we can talk more and get to know each other better!~
xoxo Charmaineeeee

Dear Yomi
wah!!! You are one of my blog crushes/inspirations (. .) I always love reading your posts!!!!! Your reviews are really honest and informative + Your D.I.Y's are cute and interesting + your blog design tutorials are so simple and easy to follow [tehehe thank you!!] ~ Your super popular, I never thought you would actually respond to my comments, let alone leave me a comment! [wahh (╹っ╹๑) happy~] but I've realised your also really kind, helpful and modest person. "my blog sucks" Σ (O_O ;) Yomi I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! what are you talking about??!!! (≧◡≦)
anyways~ Hope I can talk to you more and get to know you better!!
xoxxoxx Charmaineeeeeeeeee

oh! I also just got Google+ thingy~
add me?

here is a heart for all you cuties~!


  1. Thanks for the note yay yay~~ ♥♥ You're so freakin adorable ahhh *w* your note is so cute ♥ I actually have kakaotalk haha My ID there is mymychen, what's yours? :3 I realy wish to talk to you more too ehe~ ^-^♥
    If you ever get yourself that shirt too you should send me photos of it hehe :D ♥

    1. no problem Minddyyy♥♥♥~~~ sorry I did it really late o(≧ σ ≦)o
      hehe I'll defeniatly show you photos if I EVA get one of those shirts!!!!
      xoxoxoxoxoxxx Charrmaineeeeeeee

  2. woo, thanks for the note! hahah; we can finally have our random convos :)
    made me dl kakao....feel special. ROFL :)
    and kpop, woot haha ~~
    i wanna go to Australia... pay for my plane ticket ;) heheh~~

    1. bwhaha I'm definitely feeling the special-ness (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧
      haha lol how bout we travel to Korea first! then you can detour to Australia ~(◡‿◕✿)
      xxx Charrmaineeeee

    2. DEAL! you buy the tickets and i come along! ROFL :) ahahaha

  3. Hm... your name sounds so familiar to me, but weird that I am not following you. So I am following you on bloglovin now <3 Since I only use that to read blogs!

    I have never seen this award tag before, but I really liked it. Since I often want to hear about what other think of my blog, so I know what to improve on. I hope that I will get tagged by some other bloggers soon =P

    Since I still think that my blog sucks and I keep thinking on how to change it on almost everyday lol


    About your new header!

    I really loved it <3 It match really well with the rest of your blog design and I think it would looks even better if you would make a better image for the backs background. I showed about it on my recent post: http://www.gwiyomistyle.net/2013/10/blog-design-how-to-add-backround-image.html

    Check it when you are free and have time to mess around with it <3

    1. (✿ ♥ ‿ ♥) Thank you for leaving me a comment Yomi!!!!~~~
      awww thank you for following as well~ I've been following you before~ really love your blog!
      I never thought you would actually see my comments, but you have been on of my Blog Inspirations (≧◡≦)
      hehe now I tagged you! Go answer the Tag ♬((ヽ(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ))♬
      (꒪ Д ꒪)ノ how can you even say your blog sucks??!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!~~♥♥♥
      thanks for leaving me a lovely comment Yomi
      xoxo Charmaineeeeeeeeeeeee

    2. Thanks a lot for tagging me, I actually stopped doing award posts. Since it's hard to nominate peoples a few times in a month XD But I will do this one! Since I am the one asking for it lol

      I will let you know when I finish it! <3

      You made it sounds like I am a popular blogger lol
      I am still really far from being popular, my follower numbers only shows that I am a active and hardworking blogger =)

      I guess my blog is not so bad that it really sucks, but still have a lot of improvement =)

      I think you are the first one that got surprised at my replies and comments. I always read and reply to all comments if there is any questions. So you are always welcome to ask or just leave a comment ;)

  4. lovely bog <3

    Lets follow each other in GFC, Bloglovin and FB :)

    Kindly let me know where all you are following and I will return the favor :D

    1. thank you!
      Will check out your blog~
      xx Charmaine

  5. gorgeous blog!!


  6. Cute blog!


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