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Saturday, 26 July 2014


Hello sweethearts,

This post is not going to be like my usual posts.
I've drafted this post for quite a while and was contemplating on deleting it or posting it.

I can understand if you guys ignore the post and think "ugh..what is she posting?! I didn't follow her blog to read about these "more serious" posts"
I may or may not have future posts similar to this, but I am posting is because I feel people need to be more aware about the topic.
don't worry though! I do have a review post drafted and ready to be posted soon~

What I write may or may not offend some people, and I would like to clarify I am writing this post with no intentions of offending people.
This post addresses a certain topic, of which I do include alot of my own opinions and thoughts, and I do share some of my personal experiences.

I've decided to blog this because I feel that it is a very important topic which people know about, but only some people go though. 
What am I talking about?