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✿ Review ~ Scperfume

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First of all I have to give a shout out to one of my super smart, pretty, funny and adorable eonni, Joyce~
So this post is gonna be my first perfume/fragrance review!

I have another beauty review coming up [oh gosh...so many review lol]
and I've just finished filming my makeup tutorial on Youngji from Kara in their Day&Night album~

Scperfume is a perfume online store that has been operating in Melbourne, Australia, for about 8 months. Their products as manufactured in Vietnam by Saigon Cosmetics Company, the premier perfume manufacture in the country. All their products are created using materials exclusively from France, in a state of the art facility, including perfume rangers that are joint collaborations with leading French cosmetics houses. This is perfume made with skill, dedication and integrity to the art.

Scperfume allows you to purchase "samples" of any perfume you're thinking about buying.
I thought it was quite a clever idea, because when it comes to perfume, I prefer to be able to test out the smell before I buy myself a bottle~ 
They also provide free shipping with all orders! 
Although they don't sell the perfumes with common/well known brand names, I thought I'd give them a try~ Here is my opinion on some of the fragrances I got :D


Saigon no.2 is a beautiful soft oriental perfume, classical and feminine. More suited as a "day" perfume, with a gentle base accord and a warm afterglow.
Top Note : Aldehydes
Middle Note : Lilly of the Valley, Orris, Ylang-ylang
Base Note : Musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla
My Opinion : This scent didn't appeal me much. I found it was a little strong and more for older ladies. It was quite oriental-mixed with another scent I wasn't was sure about.

Fantasy Blue is a fresh and sparkling floral perfume with a citrus/fruity accord.
The clean floral scent of Freesias combined with the soft feminine gorgeous scent of Peony maintains this fragrances uplifting quality. Sabrina Youth Dew is a soft floral fragrance with a fresh and youthful tone with a musk accord.
Top Note : Fruity Notes
Middle Note : Freesia, Peony
Base Note : Musk, Amber, Cedarwood
My Opinion : This was my favourite perfume of the lot! I found it was quite refreshing and light~
The floral scent was delicate, so it wasn't to strong and it was nice as a touch up during the day.

Sabrina Youth Dew is a soft floral fragrance with a fresh and youthful tone with a musk accord.
The spray keeps you feeling fresh with the gentle femininity of florals and warming and empowering tones of musk and vanilla. Helps you feel more confident and comfortable when socialising, studying or playing.
Top Note : Lilly, Ylang-ylang
Middle Note : Rose, Jasmine, White Musk
Base Note : Musk, Vanilla
My Opinion : I felt that this scent was a more casual and girly mist. It was nice to wear and is not to overpowering~

Creating allure and sophistication but with an innocent feel accentuated by a warmth of it's amber and musk base, with this perfume a delicate touch is all you need. 
Top Note : Blackcurrant, Rose, Violet
Middle Note : Lily of the Valley, Peach
Base Note : Amber, Musk
My Opinion : It gives a very soft and delicate scent. It has a light fragrance that is suited for young girls and I would wear it during the day~ In my opinion, this fragrance is one of those "classic" fragrances.

Fantasy Green is a floral perfume with a fresh tone and a green accord.
It is fresh an lively with a crisp and natural burst of strawberry and citrus. Built over a famous perfume accord of oriental notes with honey and caramel, this fragrance has style and panache.
Complete with middle nots of floral warmth and sweetness, this is a surprisingly complex perfume delivering a dark, sweet scent that is hard not to notice.
Top Note : Bergamot, Green Notes, Strawberry
Middle Note : Honey, Jasmine, Lily of the Valley
Base Note : Amber, Caramel, Vanilla
My Opinion : I couldn't quite smell the strawberry scent in this perfume, but it is nice for young girls to wear. Personally it's not quite my taste in perfume, but it is quite nice to smell~

Cindy Pure is a pure oriental perfume with a fresh and effervescent tone with a citrus accord.
A Clean and fresh note of Bergamot and Neroli (bitter Orange) over the classic floral arrangement of Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang make this a simple, uncomplicated fragrance. A pure distillation of floral and citrus, charming and affectionate but most of all no nonsense.
Top Note : Bergamot, Neroli
Middle Note : Rose, Jasmine, Ylang-ylang
Base Note : Benzoin, Sandalwood, Vanilla
My Opinion : The scent of this perfume is simple! It doesn't smell overbearing but I think it is suited to older girls, as it quite a gentle floral-vanilla fragrance.

btw. someone please teach me how to open this sample bottles!!! I don't think I did it right and it took me forever to open XD

Till my next review~
xx Charmaine

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  1. Thanks for this review! *u* I love the pictures you took and it seems like a pretty nice scent based on your description :o
    -Kiyomi xx


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