Friday, 3 October 2014

BBlogger Tag ✧・゚✧・゚

hihi lovlies~

I'm back again with a tag! 
I actually drafted it during exam week, but haven't got the chance to blog it until I got tagged by another of my bblogger friends~

eh? school bag?! sometimes I feel I need a suit case to carry all my school books...

I originally got TAGed by Weng from weng-akiro279 to do the BBlogger Tag!
hehe thx for tagging me Weng!

and now I also got tagged by Fifi!! hehe these girls are both Aussie Beauty Bloggers ♡

hehe Sailor Moon forever!~~~ ☆☆☆

3 Random Facts about yourself
- I'm currently craving green tea kitkat and those Tirol HotCake&Syrup chocolate
- I'm stressed because I can't find a pretty long dress that will suit me for my ball next year [hey! It is going to be in March!!]
- I'm aiming to do my Piano A-Mus exam this year~

Which country do you live in?

What's the meaning behind the name of your blog?
It was a cute nickname one of my friends made for me!
My more common nicknames are maine/mainey/charmander/char-man ect.
I choose to use charrmyn just because it pretty close to my actual name and I just felt like it was a unique name to use~
Last time I googled "charrmyn" it went to charmin, which is a toliet paper brand I've never heard of lol

Why did you start blogging?
Last year!!!
Thank you Joyce & Tracy for getting me into blogging~ [ I'm still trying to find what Tracys' blog is...]
I've had fun and I enjoy constantly blogging since!

ughh I'm hungry!!

If you had to live off one foundation what would it be?
I honestly don't use foundation, because I find it makes my skin look weird...
But just two days ago I bought an innisfree smart foundation to try out! 
I've used it twice now, and I'm loving it atm~~ hehe I'll post a pic using it soon!

What's the most expensive product you've ever bought?
Urban Decay Naked Pallet 3!! 
my gawd was that pricey!  ( ˘ ˘ )
But the colours and pigmentation make it worth it!

Which product have you repurchased the most?
umm A Moisturiser? wait no! My Rice Water Foam face cleanser from The Face Shop! 
That is my #no1 face cleanser~~ 
ahaha for more makeup related products I tend to try out new products instead of repurchasing, unless I really REALLY love the product!

Smokey & Sexy, Girl Next Door or Bright & Bold?
BWAHAH definitely not Smokey & Sexy!!! lawl (/≧▽≦)/
Girl Next Door!! I prefer to keep my makeup minimal using light colours. Though I do enjoy using bright colours occasionally, especially when I'm covering K-pop makeup!

Biggest blogger/youtuber inspiration?
PARK HYE MIN [my gawd I love you soo much (. .) I'd really love to be able  to meet her one day~ ♡BubzBeauty! Fashiononymous! Pale Division [ Willabelle Ong ]! + many more!! 

Drugstore or High End?
hmm...I like both!!! I love going for the brands like Etude House & Innisfree ect., but I also love brands such as Laneige, M.A.C, YSL & Shu Uemura ect. 

Bronzer or Blush?
Blush! I don't use bronzer lol

How many times a day do you wash your face?
At least twice everyday!

Biggest skin struggle?
allergy reactions! ughh!! once i got a reaction until my face was itchy and patchy red OTL

What's your favourite way to pamper your skin?

Spending time to putting on face masks! + bothering to actually use a toner and the other stuff you're suppose to use before you sleep ( ω) soz for being a lazy bum

What's your skincare routine like?
In the morning I just use my Face Shop Rice Water Foam Cleanser, then I use moisturiser. If I remember/have the time, I'll also chuck on some sunscreen~
At night I just wash my face again with the same cleanser!

Are you confident to go out without makeup?
TBH I basically live without wearing makeup (sadly)
I don't see the point of bothering to wear makeup in school because...why do I need to?
I only wear makeup on the weekends and the holidays [when I have the time to stand in the mirror (ω)]
So Yeah! As long as I'm not going to a special occasion or something like that I'm fine without wearing makeup~

Favourite hair product?
Hair oil!! It just an extra help to keep my hair soft and shiny~

First day hair or second day hair?

Second Day Hair!

My hair just seems to sit better the next day~

How many times have you dyed your hair?
NULL! ahaha I'm not allowed to dye my hair!! 
My mummy would Kill me!!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)
+ I don't really want to damage my hair just yet...

Neutrals or bright colours?
Neutrals~ it's really sad how alot of my clothes are Black/White [eek!]
I really would love to wear bright colours, and I do have a few! 
But I just find it hard to find bright coloured clothing that suits me~

Winter fashion or summer fashion?
Both!! ehehe I love finding different fashion styles for anytime in the year~ 

Jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses?
awww this is hard...If I had to pick one I'd say shorts!
But skirts would be my second pick!

I have a feeling some of you have done this tag before, but I'm going to tag
Fifi + Vanessa + Mindy + Sakuranko  + Kiyomi anyone of my lovely readers who would love to do this tag!~
heheh due to my lateness of this post, some of these lovely bloggers have already done the tag lol XD

hehe don't forget to join my giveaway with WinterBlush!
xx Charmaine


  1. YAY! It was so fun learning more about you too hehe!
    If you're looking for a dress, forever new has affordable ones but a lot of girls from my grade bought their dresses from a shop called SMIK or Dollhouse and they have REALLY nice dresses but I'm not sure if they have a shop in Perth :(
    You're so lucky you can go without makeup!! Your skin is so nice omg *O*
    Btw I love all the GIFS in this post hehe they're SO CUTE ~~~
    And thanks for tagging me hahaha though i beat you to it ;P

    1. ahaha I also had fun learning about u too fifi ♡~
      lol! I bought a short one from Forever new as a backup [I love that place] but their long dresses don't really suit me ><
      I'll try searching the places you suggested! thank you!
      pshh! ahaha when I saw your post I was just like..oopsies! I should have blogged it faster (≧‿≦)
      xx Charmaine

  2. Yay finally! XD I liked reading this post~ I totally agree with the hair dying (something my mum frowns upon as well) and good luck with your A-Mus for piano *o* wow !!!!

    1. sorry for posting it so late Weng!!
      Thank you!! I so worried becuase apparently the passing rate is so low! :O
      xx Charmaine

  3. Oh thank you for the nomination I didn't did this Tag before, I don´t use much foundation either~ Thank you for this cute Tag I saw your comment early but I was on College and was complicated comment to you back. Btw way the hair oil is my adoration too, I love it the Argan Oil and Almond Oil are so amazing for my hair I love it!

    1. you're welcome Sakuranko!
      thats alright! hair oil smells so nice as well~~
      xx Charmaine

  4. Thank you so much for nominating me! I'll definitely add this to my "to-post" list ^~^ I prefer neutral colors too ;3; and oh my gosh the Naked Palette 3 was worth the price ;A;
    ~Kiyomi <3

    1. heheh you're welcome Kiyomi!!
      totally worth it!! i love it so much <3
      xx Charmaine

  5. Thanks for tagging me, Charmaine! :3
    But seriously, I had cookies and cream Kit Kat when I was in the UK, AND IT IS SO TASTY BUT I FORGOT TO STOCK UP TO BRING BACK TO CANADA AND NOW I AM SAD BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE THAT IN CANADA. I've never tried green tea Kit Kat before, but it sounds tasty!
    I think your skin is already flawless though; there is no need for you to wear makeup to school. Me on the other hand, so much acne and redness, so I definitely need a bit of cover up before I leave the house. Oh, and we have Charmin toilet...paper where I live!! The ads are quite cute:

    1. I can't wait to see your response to the tag Vanessa!
      seriously Vanessa!! try Green Tea Kit Kat! I think it's better than the Cookies and Cream!
      [heheh I have cookies and cream over here~ shall I ship some to you?(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ]
      no way!! bwhaha the bear is funny/weird~
      xx Charmaine


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