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✿ Kawaii Box ~ Kawaii Autumn


I have a few posts planned (ahah in my mind) ready to create for the next few weeks, so please anticipate them! [I have a new giveaway coming soon, a cosmetic review, AOA makeup tutorial and skincare routine! phew! that's alot!]

But! today I'll be sharing with you cuties a a review of a super cute, or should I say "kawaii", box~

For those of you who haven't heard of Kawaii Box before, they are a monthly subscription service, where you will receive a box, filled with "hand-picked" kawaii items from Japan and Korea, directly to your home every month. Shipping is FREE and each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed kawaii items.
I've read that each box will slightly vary with the items included in it, this is because every items in each box is handpicked!
Some brands which have been included before in the Kawaii Box are Totoro, Sanrio, Pocky, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, Poppin' Cookin' and more!

Each Kawaii Box only costs $18.90 USD/month and you can even purchase them as a gift to give to friends.

hehe so lets get this cute review started!

 Look! hehe a hand written card~ ♡

To start, a soft girly-pink "OMG" keychain and small sticky notes! I would attach the key chain to my school bag and I'll be using these sticky notes for school. I think these sticky notes are super cute with their little cartoons on the side, yet leaving enough space for you to write notes on.
My Melody Socks! ♡♡♡ ahaha I don't think I've said this before on my blog, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE cute socks!! I legit keep the cute socks which I have in a drawer (even if they don't quite fit me (≧‿≦))
A super cute stand-up Sheep Calendar. This calendar is super cute and is useful for knowing the dates of days. The calendar is for 2015, but it has November and December of 2014, so you can start using it right away! The only baddish thing about the calendar is that it doesn't have enough space for you to write lots of things in, you can only write super short and small notes in it.
Next is Puffy Panda Stickers ( ) ahaha I think the way they designed this sticker sheet is pretty cute/clever, because if you look carefully, each row of Pandas are like a snapshot of the Panda doing something~ [does that make sense?!]
I remember, in primary school, when zipper lanyards, earrings and bracelets were super popular! This is a bracelet zipper is pink and green, it reminds me of a watermelon lol, you can "zip" it, to wear it "closed" or "open" or [as done in the photo] "half-half".
This cute, and not to forget, yummy looking, macaroon, is a phone strap! I love how the macaroon is detailed and sweetly decorated to become a girly, fashionable phone strap. btw I just discovered that if you twist the top part of the macaroon it comes off and you can put some small items in it! :O
This is probably my favourite item in the whole box! A soft, Neko charm~ This keychain is soft and is basically like a small plush toy! I got it in blue, but there are 3 other colours which it comes in.
I found this to be the most interesting item out of them all! It is a deco tape! I'm holding it with the transparent backing, but when you want to use it to decorate your books, you have to peel off the pink ribbon from the transparent backing, and stick it onto your items! I'll definitely be using this to decorate any special books I have~
Last, but not least! POCKY! ahaha I don't think I need to say much about this! Biscuit sticks covered in chocolate flavoured frosting~ hehe Pocky has been one of my all time favourite snacks 

I was pretty happy with all the cute items in the box!
~ I am a sucker for cute/kawaii things ~
hehe if you'd like to get your own Kawaii Box, with handpicked kawaii items~, you can subscribe to them here.

Keep a look out! I will be having a giveaway soon on the blog!
xx Charmaine


  1. Thanks for the pocky cravings >:0

    1. ahaha love ya xiu! <3
      lol my mum just bought 10 boxes of pepero...
      xx Charmaine

  2. Everything's really cute!
    I've been wanting to try the kawaii box c:
    Hmmm, my favorite items are the sticky notes and the neko plush :3

    1. Try it out Sakura~
      I think you'll like what the Kawaii Box has to give! :D
      xx Charmaine

  3. I never heard of kawaii box but their stuff is indeed cute >.< ♥
    I love the sheep calender and the panda stickers !! Been looking for cute stickers for my laptop for years already @_@ I wonder if you can get them somewhere else without having to subscripe for the whole box T T And btw, I can't wait for the AOA makeup tutorial!! Are you going to make one for their new single 'Like a cat'? I LOVE AOA !! Can't wait for it!! I wanted to make a makeup tutorial for this look too but been to lazy lately XD

    Mindy ♥

    1. hehe you can get the items seperately at !!
      Kawaii Box is part of Blippo~
      YES!!! hehe I've been loving the song + the look so I really want to cover it XD
      xx Charmaine

    2. ohh I didn't know that xD I just looked for the calender on Blippo and found it >.< They also have alpaca stickers ;~; ♥ Thanks a lot!!
      Did Blippo give you a coupon code or something like that? haha XD I'm such a cheapster OTL

  4. Everything is so cute ;A: I'm so tempted to buy the Kawaii Box subscription but I'm still a little hesitant about it. It looks so nice, though *u*
    ~Kiyomi <3


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