Friday, 27 February 2015

Geo Eyescream Vanilla Brown || Review

Hello Sweeties~

Today I'll be sharing with you a new circle lens which I recently have tried out and now have added to my "favourites" list! (ノ≧ )

I got these Circle Lens' from a online store called LensVilllage~
Lens Village is an online store which provides a wide range of lens and lens brands. They sell different colours and designs at affordable prices with low international shipping costs. They are friendly to talk to and provide really nice service to customers. Most of their brands like GEO MedicalEOS and Dueba etc. are mainly from Korea and Japan. The sell some popular lens series such as the Barbie Eye, GEO Princess Mimi and GEO Mimi Cappuccino etc.
They give free shipping for orders over $80!
Oh! I nearly forgot to mention they also hold monthly contests , where you could win 2 pairs of lenses, 2 lens cases and a face mask (◕‿◕✿)

Brand : Geo Medical
Name : Eyescream : Vanilla Brown
Price : $29.78 AU

Product Info
Diameter : 14.55mm
Base Curve : 8.70mm
Water Content : 38-42%
Life Span : 3 months after bottle is opened
Power Available : 0.00 to -8.50

Design ★★★
I LOVE the design! It is exactly how they show it online. The lens comes out as a light brown, and it is a lens which I would define as a pattern/design/colour lens instead of an enlargement lens. 
The colour is really pretty and as it doesn't enlarge, but rather just defines, your eyes it is quite natural to wear.

These lenses were easy to put in and they didn't make me uncomfortable at all! All I needed to do was put some eyedrops for moisture every few hours o(ω)o 

This Eyescream Vanilla Brown Lens is one of my favourite lens now as I absolutely love the design of it and I find it really comfortable, easy and natural to wear.
I love how it is a natural lens and the colours are subtle, yet the design is very pretty and dolly/girly~
I would definitely recommend you guys to try out these lenses as they are really pretty! Let me know if you have tried it out before and what do you think of it XD

If you'd like to buy yourself a pair to try out, you can find it here!

*this review is 100% of my own honest opinion*

I'm so glad to have my camera back!! I missed it so much >< *lol*

haha I'll have a new K-pop Makeup Tutorial up very soon!! 
Can you guess which group/what MV/who it's going to be based on?? (~^o^~)
xx Charmaine


  1. those look pretty on you dear.
    great review.

    Ms. Kei

  2. Your hat is so cute! Love the color of the lenses : D

  3. the lenses look really good on you ; u ; and somehow you remind me of Krsytal in the last pic hehe~

  4. You look great! I love the color and design c:


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