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Exo : Pathcode Teasers, Exodus Album & Call Me Baby MV || K-pop Review

Hello fellow K-pop fans!

I've always wanted to write a post like this, but I never got the chance to do it in time! But here is my first post of my new series of K-pop reviews!
hehe today I'll be sharing with you my opinion/review on the whole of this new Exo Era!
I'll be "discussing" their Pathcode Teasers, the Exodus Album, the Call Me Baby Music Video~

btw. I am no Exo/K-pop soz lol...I won't be making any super cool-meaningful-smart links haha

Pathcode Teasers
omg let's just say, on a whole, the pathcode teasers were really amazing! The photography and editing made all the teasers seem like they were a trailer to a movie. It was quite a different idea for a teaser, but I loved it. Although I am still at a lost to how the teasers relate to the "Call Me Baby" idea...
Enjoy my short thoughts on the teasers, as I talk about them in the order they were released~

My first thought ; "OMG IT'S KAI! I LOVE YOU."
haha his teaser reminded me of a dramatised fashion shoot, and the moment he started to turn back and walk hurriedly, it got me super excited! "what is he running from?!"
nxt minute *Voosh!* he disappears! Or should I say Teleports!

I'm pretty impressed! Taos' teaser was actually quite interesting! As soon as I saw Taos' teaser I knew the whole idea of them using their "super-powers" again in the teasers, was going to make things 100x better! I loved the idea of him stopping time and all that, but one thing I have to comment is...his pants...what are you wearing Tao?!

Burrnnnnn!! The beginning of the teaser reminded me of his debut teaser where the song "El Dorado" was playing. Chanyeol looked cool~, and I know that fire is his power, but I was at a lost to why he burnt the forest lol. He kinda looked like a vintage explorer~

At first he looks super cute, just leisurely walking around, but the minute he took off that jacket! He looked so freekin good! The T.V static part was a little creepy though.

Love Sehun! Casual strolling around the area, again reminded me of a kinda of fashion shoot vibe. BUT. WHO ENTERS A STRANGERS HOUSE?!! Those kids scared the shit out of me!! (please never do that again SM...) Sehun..if you have to enter a strangers house...I'm sure you can come to mine~ 

Casual clothes + *although it's to beautiful to be* bed hair is one of my favourite looks that Suho can pull off. The audio of the teaser gave a really mysterious, yet calm feeling. I love that little-kid look Suho has when he looks "lost"

I absolutely hate it when they make Chen have a middle parting!! I feel like it makes him look older than his real age! hehe once of the first things I realised was the book he was holding was titles "Overdose".

Baekhyun was like a rebel kid, wearing the whole leather outfit and walking though alleyways in the night. I think his teaser was the most intense, especially when the lights started to flicker and the power went out. The lack of audio, with only his footsteps being heard, really added to the dramatic affect of the teaser.

hehe Lays' teaser was quite nice, simple and sweet. The setting was quite typical of a china-town district, with the building and the setting of inside the tea(?) house. Did anyone realise he was writing in ENGLISH?! yesh! please learn english Lay~

D.O is cuteeee! I love how he ended the teasers and really brought it all together with the intercuts of the other members teasers. (He looked cool when driving the car!)

Exodus Album
10 new songs in the album! The songs range from dance to ballads~
Here's my thoughts on the songs + which is my favourite!

01.  Call Me Baby
I love it! My initial reaction to the song was "uh okk", but after replaying it for a bit, it's quite catchy and it gets stuck in my head. I really love the beginning how it interlaces a rap with "call me baby" and the catchy beat! The chorus is good!
02.  Transformer
The intro by the rappers is pretty cool, but the background audio is so weird!! I love it when D.O/Chen start singing "oh baby baby baby", their voices just make me melt~
I actually found this song a little weird, but that "oh baby baby baby" and "tick tick boom boom multiply" is kinda fun to say & catchy. I kinda only like the sung parts of this song, but I feel it has the potential to win me over if I listen to it a few more times.
03.  What If... [시선 둘, 시선 하나]
I really love R&B ballads like this! I love it especially how *in the Korean version* Chanyeol starts with a smooth, mellow rap and D.O s' voice just blends into it and takes over the melody. Everytime someone sings "Oh oh oh" I die a little, it's so beautiful and I love the chorus so much!! 
I love this song so much, it is one of my favourites in the album!
04.  My Answer
The beginning of this song seriously reminds me of a K-drama OST song (maybe from Boys Over Flowers?) Does anyone feel the same vibe?!
I send out stars for the english in the song! Their english pronunciation is pretty good!
05.  Exodus
I seriously was clueless what Exodus was going to stand for...and now I find out its' describing a girl lol Not my favourite song in the album, but the chorus is kinda catchy. But when Chanyeol sings/raps I fangirl!
06.  El Dorado
"Fiiiind the El Doradooooo" ahaha I like the beginning! It's different but nice! I'm still not 100% convinced with the lead up to chorus...I think it's kind weird, but the actually chorus its' self is good! Their harmonies are so beautiful! btw, if anyone knows what the "El Dorado" is suppose to be please tell me ><
07.  Playboy
I feel like I've heard a intro like this before in an american song, but I can't remember what song! 
The song is a little jazzy and smooth, but it's nice to listen to. Not as catchy as the other songs, but it's more mellow.
08.  Hurt
Introduction reminds me of a little creepy-circus styled waltz, but once the singing starts, I am in love! I absolutely love the harmonies they make when they sing the whole song in general, especially when they sing "you hurt me". Because of the lead up to the chorus and the chorus its' self, this is one of my favourite songs in the album. btw and just let you guys know, KAI SINGS A FEW TIMES IN THIS SONG!!!!!
09.  Lady Luck
The song starts off quite differently with someone beat boxing in the background. The lead up to the chorus reminds me of a Justin Timberlake song, but I love the chorus. I especially LOVE IT WHEN CHANYEOL SINGS! Seriously!!! 
10.  Beautiful
The song has quite a light melody, it's pretty! But it isn't my favourite in the album.
"You are Beautiful, Beautiful~~"

Overall I think the songs are quite different to their other songs in other albums. At first some of them can seem weird, but I reckon if you listen to them enough, you'll start to like them and singing them yourself! My favourites are definitely "What If..." and "Hurt" ♡♡♡

Call Me Baby Music Video

General thoughts
I used to be Kai biased, but for the first time, Tao looks so much better than Kai!!!
I don't know what SM is doing with his hair and his dress sense!!!!! ><
hahahaa I loved the beginning when Sehun, Baekhyun, Xiumin and Suho are standing/sitting(?) in a Ferrari and just moving with the camera~ Sehun and Xiumin especially look so good in this scene.
Sehun is seriously my new bias ♡♡♡♡

Most of the time, I really loved their outfits & their hair! But there were just some moments where I question the stylists choices...
here are some examples of what I reckon was questionable ; 

 - Kai's Hair & outift...
  - a few too many purposely holed-at-the-knee pants + Kais' checkered pants.
 - Baekhyuns "airy" top, Xiumins' sporty outfit(but tbh Xiumin kinda wears it quite well) and Kais' shirt...

In general I felt that the dance didn't quite match the song and the concept. But! here are some dance points' which I loved!
- "Call Me Baby" dance part is a little weird, but *I quote Tracy* Xiumin has so much sass when he dances to that part!!! Just watch him & you'll understand.
- OMG you have to watch Suho at the 3:50 point!! love him, but seriously I just cracked up laughing and I replayed the scene so many times!! I didn't notice it at first, but he is so adorable!

Overall I liked the song, but I don't think the dance and the music video really suited the whole concept. It was cool, but I think they could have found something a little better. + Most of the outfit choices were really good!

One absolutely devastating thing I found for this era, is that SM is not selling an Exo-M and Exo-K version...but rather freekin 20 different covers!!! 2 versions of each member!! 
Well there goes my ideal of having a collection of Exo albums.  My mum would kill me at the thought of buying 20 albums (I think I would slap myself if I bought them all) OTL

Let me know how you guys felt about the whole comeback in the comments below!
xx Charmaine


  1. It's time to share my opinion (fangirl reaction lol) with you!~ You have obviously noticed that I am a huge Exo-L xD
    Well, their teasers were super fascinating and I just love the whole concept about their superpowers. But I was a bit confused, too. Lol. The members would think: " I don't know what I'm doing, but at least I look hot and make the girls squeal hahaha!:D"
    My theory about the connection between the pathcode teasers and Call Me Baby is that they will release a drama version of a song or so. Or sm spent too much on their teasers and they didn't have money for the mv hahahah! :D
    Overall, I LOVE the album and I cried a lot! Every song is so precious and beautiful!! And finally El Dorado and Beautiful were released.... I've been waiting for those song for ages!!! XD I cannot decide which song I like the most ><
    Hmm....I fangirled about the mv a lot, but why is there no connection between the teasers :D?!
    I agree with you about Kai's hair xD In the beginning he looked like an American football player in the '80s xD It made me cringe haha! But I still love him haha!
    The dance is amazing *-* a lot of body rolls aoidjakajsj hahah!
    Anyway, I was shocked that Sm releases 20 different albums!! Do I look like Suho 2.0 or a money tree?:D Sadly, I can only purchase one album >< I preordered the Chanyeol korean version. But I cannot decide which Chinese version I should buy >< Chanyeol again? Or a different member? Wahhh so difficult!! Do you want to buy the album?
    It was nice to read your post about your reactions! The part about Sehun's teaser made me laugh....He can come to my house, too c:

    Jenny <3

    1. yay!! hahaha omg good theory!! I would be super excited if there is a drama version!! :D
      El Dorado has actually stuck to me!! At first I was like what is this, but now it's on replay!
      *cringes* Kaiiii! What did they do to your hair seriously! ><
      hahaha I don't know which album I want!!! ughh...SM!! I can't afford 20 albums of the same songs! Seriously!!
      hehe thx for reading and sharing your thoughts on it Jenny! It was fun to read ♡
      xx Charmaine

  2. Hi, Charmaine! Let me guess, you must like Chanyeol? Hahahaha but seriously Chanyeol just steals everyone heart in this comeback ;)

    I agree with you! I still confused about what exactly the relation between Call Me Baby and Pathcode teasers. But I think the Pathcode itself represents the Exodus album, which means mass departure. I love all of the teasers, but my most favourite one is D.O! What's yours?
    The album is great too along with the MV although yes, Kai needs to get rid of his style...

    Love reading your thoughts about this whole comeback and happy fangirling together haha :D

    PS: El Dorado is a place that offers wealth and opportunity

    1. Hi Andira!
      hehe tbh I'm still not sure!! But I think i might be Sehun biased now (๑╹っ╹๑)
      wahhh?!! I didn't know it stood for "mass departure"!
      hmm! I love all the teasers!! They are all so well photographed! But I think my favourite might be Baekhyuns, because it was so intense XD
      Thank you for reading & Sharing your thoughts on it Andira!
      xx Charmaine

  3. Thanks again for reading and commenting on my Exodus review.
    I totally agree with you about What If... and Hurt being the best songs, especially Hurt, and I'm glad it's not just me that thinks the lead in to El Dorado's chorus is weird.
    You're completely right about the songs getting better with each listen, when I first heard the album I only liked about three of the songs but now I'm enjoying most of them.
    Nice review ^_^

    1. Thank you for checking out my review!
      Hurt is such a good song!! The harmonies are just so beautiful and ☆☆☆
      xx Charmaine

  4. I loved this comeback ^_^ I had the same feeling for Call Me Baby, but now I love it. My favorite song is Hurt, the dance was amazing in the live performance! I have to get up out of bed and watch music video because I could not wait!


    1. YES!! Call me baby!! and the MV is actually pretty fun to watch~
      there was a dance for Hurt?!! omg I'm going to youtube it now!!!
      xx Charmaine

      ahsgdkagshdhas fangirling so much right now (≧ ∇ ≦)

  5. Thank you for passing by my review!
    I totally agree with you on Xiumin's sass on the "call me baby" dance moves ahahaha :P Those albums looks so glorious, if I only had the money to get all of them T_T

    1. ahaha sassy Xiumin~~~~
      thx for checking out my review Claudia!
      xx Charmaine

  6. Keke guess who I am? Sorry for being anonymous... You forgot to mention the part where you brought your MacBook to school for the sole purpose of watching the music videos :-P Let's learn all the English lines so we can "sing" along! I'm going to go see what happens at the 3:50 mark now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ♡♡

    1. Christy Ho!~~~ <(hehe not so anon anymore!)
      pshh I brought it to "study" but really it was to watch the MV and fangirl with you while we were sitting down and eating pocky/lollies (ノ≧ ∀ ≦)ノ
      Yes!! Lets' go karaoke soon!! Then we can sing our hearts out~

    except my exposure is limited (ive only listened to like 4 songs)

  8. I loved the album and Hurt and My Answer are my favourites :)
    It's pretty insane how there's TWENTY different album covers I mean 20 versions of the same album??? :O I"m pretty sure some people are crazy enough to buy all of them though hahaa



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