Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My Prom 2015

Hi sweeties!!
You probably already know from my instagram spams that on Friday, 27th March 2015, I had my school ball.
If you live outside of Australia, you probably know this event as your School Prom, but here, we call it the School Ball.
So continue reading as I share my experience, memories and photos from the night!
Photography by my mummy, friends, Sam Yee (I'm sure you can tell which photos are taken by him XD) & myself.
[Warning : Photo Heavy Post]

Song of the night - Love Me Like You Do

The Ball invitations we got were....pretty shit. lol
It was literally mass printed on a piece of card + the words weren't even centred & it wasn't cut straight ><
Tracy was so sweet, she made our group special invitations to the pre ball, which were 100x prettier and special~ (haha she even told us a story of how she spent hours with ryan shopping for card, envelopes and a white pen, which was $6)

To start of, we were forced to attend the first 3 classes of the day, so we were at school until 12:40.
Honestly, aside for a test during my first class, we did nothing in the classes because everyone was too excited for the ball to be bother to learn something new. So in my 2nd period class, english, we played hangman, listened to stories and answered my teachers "quiz" so she could give us chocolates. In my 3rd period class, physics, we just "Torqued" (☞゚∀゚) haha anyone get my joke?! please?!

Once we were released from school, I rushed home, took a shower and lathered myself in moisturiser. ugh! My elbows are seriously so dry! It's pretty gross.
One of my mums' friends, my Aunty, is a MUA and she is always looking gorgeous and fashionable! 
She came over and did my hair & makeup for me~ ・゚: *・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚*:・゚

For makeup, we went for a flawless skin and brown-toned, smokey eye makeup
For hair, we went for the big loose curls, similar to the hollywood glam style curls.

(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ I'm not sure if you guys can tell, but she also trimmed my brows a little~

Pre-ball was held are Ryans' place. The backyard was very pretty and he made beautiful treats! I couldn't believe he made the cake himself!
Christy & I were the first to arrive so we took the time to take some photos of ourselves and the food first~

Christy & Me

Christy Me Jeimer Victor

Jeimer Christy Victor Tracy Ryan Me Andrew

JingYi & Me

Ain & Me

Joyce & Me

At around 5:30pm we headed outside to the limo to take some last photos before we left for our photo-stop. The limo was super cool and we connected out phones via bluetooth to play our own music. We sung so loudly it was basically karaoke on wheels!

We arrived at the fremantle roundhouse for our photo-stop, where we took many photos before the sun could completely set. It was beautiful, but (.-ω-) the wind was messing up our hair! I was so worried that my face would be covered by my hair in the photos ><

Once the photo-stop was done, we thanked our sweet and funny photographer, Sam Yee, and we headed to the Fremantle Esplanade, where our ball was being held. 

Photo taken by our lovely driver

Fremantle Esplanade? Please don't even get me started. Our year co-ordinator was unorganised so she missed the booking to get us the Hyatt Hotel. Seriously, thank goodness for our student council having a say in the ball theme, otherwise we would have ended up with an oriental themed ball (I don't even know what goes on in our year-coordinates head OTL).
Our Ball theme : Hollywood *:・゚*:・゚

To my standards, I felt that the food was a little average, if not, below average.
The entrée was a very creamy pasta (I can't eat a lot very creamy pasta...it just gets too much for me)

Main was either Salmon or Steak - I picked the steak, which ended up being a piece of beef-which was quite bland, a little veg-I don't think it was cooked long enough because it was still quite hard and a potato cut in half.

Dessert was a chocolate mud cake. I was actually excited for this, but my expectations weren't met.
There was something not quite right about the cake, I'm not sure how to describe it. 
Christy said that it was a little similar to a choco-pie and ryan said that the white layer inside the cake was a fondant?
Either way, it wasn't very tasty.

Through out the night at the esplanade, we took photos, chatted, went in the photo booths, danced and voted for the belle and beau of the ball! I voted for one of my best friends, Joyce, who was really gorgeous in her dress and Matt, a very tall guy who look stunning in his suit (man! He was like a british male model!) 
and guess what?! They both won!! Our table screamed out so loud when we heard Joyce was the Belle of the ball! Belle of the ball is equivalent to being crowned Homecoming Queen!! So proud of her! She was really stunning!

Our limo chauffeur was very kind and sweet to us. He made sure that he had all of us in the car before leaving between places, he told what to look for and where he would wait for us when our ball ended. 
On the ride home, we *well most of us lol* "karaoke-ed" with the volume high!
Favourite songs we sung were Love Me Like You Do, Don't Hold Your Breath & Bleeding In Love (who remembers that song? I remember it was one of my favourites a few years ago)

Have you guys had your ball yet?
How was your ball like?



  1. AWESOOOOME!!! I've been waiting for this post ever since 10 days ago Charmaine ~ I like your choice in wearing the high-low dress because you get to see your shoes and show off them legs. You took many beautiful and funny photos with your friends :3 I especially like the one with the girls on the stepping stones of the pool and sunset shots. 'Love me Like you Do' is my current favourite song and more than fitting for your ball! In our limo ride, we just belted out 'Let it Go'! Glad you enjoyed your ball and I enjoyed this post! ^_^
    ~Weng wengiful: Senior Formal 2014

      ahaha my legs >< thank gawd the camera couldn't pick up all my scars from falling when I was young lol
      Thank you so much for checking out it! Super glad you liked it Weng ♥♥♥
      xx Charmaine

  2. Replies
      YOU LOOKED STUNNING/10 (. ♥ ‿ ♥.)

  3. You all look so beautiful and the pictures are stunning! You're so stunning :) loving this makeup look on you Charmaine. I love 'life' posts, please do more. I'm also jealous you got to go to an Asian high school! Wish I went to rossmoyne and had more asian friends D: also, I live really close to your school! I live in Brentwood and I work at Shelley chiropractic, so strange to think we are actually probably super close to each other!

    1. Thank you Kim ♥
      hehe I will try too!!
      oh! Which Highschool did you attend? omg I can't believe we are actually so close! I live super close to you! (near GC)!
      xx Charmaine

  4. Replies
    1. (≧‿≦) Thank you Phem!
      xx Charmaine

  5. Omgg i can't believe i missed this post on my feed!! (and i haven't been on instagram for years o i didn't see any pictures T_T) CAN I JUST SAY YOU LOOK AMAZING ❤️ _❤️️ ~
    I love your makeup and hair and dress soooo much!! :)) It looks like you had so much fun at your pre party and at the actual ball! Your school did such a good job at choosing the venue! You guys hired such a nice professional photography during the night *_* Btwww is it common for schools in perth to have your prom this early in the year?? We didn't have ours until the month before our HSC exams :O
    Thanks for sharing this Charmaine~ Looking forward to seeing more lifestyle posts hehehe


    1. THANK YOU FIFI!! (● ♡ ∀ ♡)
      yeah!! here in Perth, all our balls are usually in the early half of the year!
      omg isn't it a little stressful having it so close to HSC??!
      missed reading your posts Fifi!
      xx Charmaine

  6. omg charmaine i am obsessed with your blog! I did a prom post on my blog as well but oh man i still cant believe it's over hahha! you looked absolutely stunning ahh xx


    1. hehe thank you Jess!!
      omg what are you talking about! YOU looked so gorgeous & amazing in that red dress ♥
      xx Charmaine

  7. Love your dress!!♡
    I wish there will be a party like this in Indonesia T_T

    1. Thank you Elvina!
      you don't have balls/proms in your final HS year in Indo?
      xx Charmaine

  8. Wow, so glamourous! I didn't go to my prom but I know for sure it wasn't as classy as yours looked! You're in WA too? I'm going to follow your blog ^_^


  9. i'M SO LATE ON THIS POST (I DON'T KNOW HOW I MISSED IT) BUT VERY EXCITE FOR YOU. This post also brings back memories of me in high school, LOL (oh you know, back in the prehistoric days)
    Y'ALLS BE LOOKING GORGEOUS. WHO IS RYAN AND WHY IS HIS CAKE DECORATING GAME SO ON POINT? AND WHY IS HIS BACKYARD SO BEAUTIFUL?? That photo of you and him on the lawn looks like a James Bond movie poster, not gonna lie.
    Anyways, love your makeup and hair! And dress!! And everything about this post TBH.


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