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BTS : Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa pt.1 [화양연화/In The Mood For Love] || K-pop Review

Hey there everyone!!

I'm back with another addition to my kpop review series!
BTS new album "Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa pt.1" !
Beware, there are so many photos (eyecandy) in this post (◕‿◕✿)

All photos are from
"The album shows the growth of BTS maturing from boys to seven men. 
The past albums showcased the dreams, happiness & love harboured by teens in a "three-part school series" Having graduated form this series, BTS is stepping on foot close to "youth" In unraveling their stories of youth, their musicality spectrum has also broadened with the vocal line joining the rapper line in song compositions also."

The "Flowering" [개화] Teaser Photos
My initial reaction to this set of teaser photos was "wow! They look good!" haha
but I find the photo editing to be quite bright in these set of photos.

The "Day Dream" [백일몽] Teaser Photos
A dream like musing or fantasy while awake, especially of the fulfilment of wishes or hopes.
This was my favourite set of teaser photos from the lot! 
I thought that the scenery & composition of the photos, was beautiful~

The "Unrest" [불안] Teaser Photos
A state of wavering heart.
I thought these photos were like a casual korean Ceci-like photoshoot~
The boys looked casual, staring blankly into the distance.

Extra Photos
I don't even know why these photos weren't released on to the BTS homepage!
They are really good!

Teaser Videos

This video reminded me of an anime. I love the song/rap it features (which is actually the "Intro" to the album).

The teaser just got me hyped up! I love how they changed up the title song for the teaser, I really fitted the mood~

Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa pt.t [화양연화/In The Mood For Love] Album
This album includes 8 new songs + a skit! 
I'm so impressed that all the BTS members took part in the compositions of the songs of the albums  (' '
My favourites are the "Intro" + "I Need You" + "Hold Me Tight" + "Outro".
I would seriously ask you guys to search up the lyrics of the songs! They are all actually quite meaningful and it is interesting to read about them.

01. Intro : 화양연화 [ In The Mood For Love ]
The rap starts off at a slow pace, asking himself wether or not he is happy with life, and gradually quickens the pace and tension. In the end he says yes.
I love how the rap gradually increased in intensity then suddenly dies down. The "God Dammit!" part  is my favourite part of the rap lol ahaha SUGA SLAYS THE RAP~
02. I Need You
From the start to the end, I love this song ! The rap lines blended in nicely with the melodies, and the instrumental wasn't too overpowering~
The chorus + intro + Sugas' intro are my favourite parts!
03. Hold Me Tight [ 잡아줘 ]
This song begins with a sweet piano melody, and leads into a mellow rap, then the beautifully sung chorus & harmonies. I love how they managed to keep the rap moving forward while at a slower tempo! I would almost describe the this song to be a ballad-rap song~
This is my 3rd favourite song from the album!
04. SKIT : Expectation!
haha I can't understand Korean so all I'm hearing is their voices and cute laughs (≧‿≦)
05. Sick [ 쩔어 ]
"Sick" is a fast paced-fun rap song! The instrumental part at the chorus sounds familiar, but I'm not too sure where I've heard it from. The energy in the song is really good and fun! It's really upbeat and fun to listen to.
06. Red Bangtan Boys [ 홍탄소년단 ]
This is the "BTS Diss Track"! ahaha lol when I first heard it I thought they were saying "wasssuuuup!" but lol no...They are saying "was seo~!"
I thought that this track was quite upbeat, fun and gave a playful feel. The raps are shot fun and upbeat & the melodies are smooth~
I find the middle parts funny to listen to (* ω )*
07. Converse High
The first thing I thought when I saw the title was "ummm Converse as in the shoes??" and guess what?! They actually are talking about the shoes!! ahahha
The melodies, again, in this song were quite smooth and the raps interlaced with them beautifully~
08. Move [ 이사 ]
Please search up the lyrics to this song and read them! I think this is probably one of the most meaningful songs in the album. They are basically singing/rapping out about how they were trainees 3 years ago & the memories they've collected on the way. It's not my favourite song from the album, but the song has a nice flow to it.
09. Outro : Love Is Not Over
"why, hello there beautiful smooth ballad~"  
aahah I love this song! It is purely a smooth and tranquil ballad, even though it is missing a rap (I think they could have made it even better if there was a slow rap to go with it~), it is still a beautiful ending to the whole album.

Overall I love this album and I really want to buy it!
BTS really showcased they talents for rap, singing and lyric compositions in this album. I love most of the songs, especially when the raps and melodies interlaced beautifully.

I Need You MV

General thoughts
My initial reaction *minus the fangirling* "Where are the powerful/beautiful dance moves?!" hahaha
I thought that the MV was different to the typical "k-pop" styled MV. 
I felt that I didn't quite get what was going on when I first watched it, but after a *few* replays here's what i got; The boys are lonely and sad/depressed when they are by themselves, but when they are together they forget about everything and manage to just enjoy each others company and have fun~
But overall I actually quite enjoyed the Music Video! (◕ヮ◕)*: ・゚

I Need You MV

I am super happy with the dance! It totally fit in nicely with the song & the beat!
My favourite parts are the lead up to the chorus [when they start singing "I need you girl! wae honja saranghago"] and the chorus it's self!!

Let me know how you guys felt about the whole comeback in the comments below!
I'll be posting a new beauty review soon~  
love, Charmaine


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