Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Hair&Me : Hair Rejuvenation Treatment || Review

Hi everyone!

I'm back with a review of a new hair treatment which I've tried out!
The treatment is made with organic oils ^^
Tbh after my hair dried I went to my room to grab my camera, and then I saw the lighting though the blinds....I told my sister to take a break from her book, lend me her bed and take photos for me lol (づ。◕‿‿◕。)

Hair&Me : Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

Brand : Hair&Me
Name : Hair Rejuvenation Treatment
Made In Australia
Price : $19.95
Product Info
Hair&Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment is 100% organic. It is an oil based product, using coconut, macadamia, jojoba & almond oil - designed to help repair, moisturise & strengthen your hair & scalp. 

Please Note - This is an oil based treatment using a select number of oils designed to help rejuvenate and restore hair. 
Ingredients - 100% Certified Organic.
Allergen information - contains nuts and/or nut products.

Apply to damp hair, covering roots to end.
Leave for a minimum of 45 minutes.
Rinse well, then shampoo twice thoroughly and condition as normal.
Usage Tip - It is recommended to place your treatment in the fridge 30 minutes prior to use. This create a more cream like texture, making it easier to apply.

The treatment comes in a resealable sachet, so it can be used more than once!

The treatment has this really nice coconut-oil-with-a-hint-of-nuttiness type of scent, which I really liked!
I put the treatment in the fridge prior to use, but I didn't realise that the winter air here in australia had an effect on the treatment, same as putting it in the fridge. It came out in a creamy and slightly lumpy consistency, which made it easy to apply to my hair.
After applying the treatment for a few minutes, I could see the product "melted" as it got to room temperature and I could see the oil texture on my hair.
When rinsing the treatment,  my hair felt quite smooth and I could feel a slightly oily texture.
I would say, that it didn't take me too long to dry my hair, and once it was dried, my hair felt really nice, soft and smooth.
With my hair length, I think the sachet could last me 2.5 to 3 uses.

*this review is 100% of my own honest opinion*

Let me know what your favourite hair treatments are!
xx Charmaine


  1. Omg these pictures are so pretty!! :) Your sister did a great job c: My fav pic is the second one! This is a great hair treatment btw c:

    1. Thank you Jenny! haha I'll be sure to let her know you said that ^^
      xx Charmaine

  2. Your photos look soo pretty!! Especially the one your sister took!! It looks like one of these photos you would find in photobooks from some kpop girl groups *-* ♥ The hair treatment seems to be very good too and I like that there's enough product for 2-3 uses~ >-< ♥

    Mindy ♥

    1. haha I wish!! let me be a Kpop idol already!! ✧・゚:* \(◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧
      Thank you Mindy~
      xx Charmaine

  3. Oh na na, these pictures tho. ;) SO PRETTY. I don't really use hair treatments, I'm like terrified it'll eff up my hair... I tried the Tsubaki Sheisedo stuff, and my hair looked like I was DRENCHED in oil for the next 4 days, despite washing it like 2 times a day. =__= Sob. But this one looks awesome, thanks for the review CHARMAINEEEEE~
    Junniku blog!

    1. Juneee!! you're Backkkk!!
      Really?!?! Don't over wash your hair! It will help to create more oil (i think!) ><
      haha but Thank youu!
      xx Charmaine

  4. Omggg I have this treatment sitting in my fridge right now but I haven't tried it out yet heheh >~<
    Those photos though dayum girl so profession and model like ;)
    I've heard so many good things about this product circulating around the blogging world in these recent weeks, hopefully i will see results when i use it too~

    1. ohh!! I love to know what you think of it Fifi!!
      I can't wait to read your review on it!
      xx Charmaine

  5. I don´t have any favorite!
    My favorite maybe is mix olive oil with air aconditioner

    1. That sounds Interesting! I think I'll have to try doing that one day :D
      Thank you for reading Sakuranko~
      xx Charmaine

  6. Those pictures turned out great haha!
    I don't really do anything to my hair, but after this post I feel like I should!!
    Thanks for the review babe x

    1. Hi Elyse!!
      Thank you for reading!
      xx Charmaine


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