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Japan Crate November 2015 Box || Try This!


I'm back today with a fun video! :)
I got together with some of my friends to film a "Try This!" episode featuring the November 2015 Premium Box from Japan Crate.
It was a lot of fun and I hope you guys enjoy the video ♡

Japan Crate is all about the Japanese candy culture. Sourcing from the best and most obscure places to bring the greatest variety of candy at the lowest price! all products are always guaranteed to be full-sized, delicious goodies.
It is a monthly subscription box of which you can pick form 3 different type of boxes.

Personally I do believe that this candy box is worth the money - if you don't mind being surprised and trying out different types of Japanese candy.
Before I discovered these types of Japanese candy subscription boxes, I really wanted to try the Poppin Cookin Sushi set. So I bought around 4 boxes (for some friends as well) and the total price, including shipping, was over $20. Here at Japan Crate you can get a variety of candies with some guaranteed items (depending on the box) for a much cheaper price!

So let's get started with my review here on my blog of the items! :)
Be sure to check out my video first please!!!

Fluffy Long Neck Marshmallow
A Marshmallow with 4 colourful flavors twisted into one long stick. Sweet, light & fluffy.
I remember eating this (or at least something like this) when I was younger. Just like a normal marshmallow, except it is pretty with light colours & long.

Purple Sweet Potato Sticks
Here's a flavor that's just as seasonal as pumpkin pie, but a little less common. Purple sweet potatoes are a fall/winter treat in japan. These light, crispy sticks taste perfectly like a sweet potato!
I love love LOVE sweet potato!! Especially the dark purple flesh ones!!! haha I had high hopes for this snack, but it tasted a little weird. There was a sweet potato-like flavor, but it wasn't very authentic. The stick its' self is purple and hollow - so it is a light snack~

Pretz : Hot Chili Salad Flavour
I wasn't sure what to expect with this snack! It did smell a little spicy and it tasted similar to Shin Ramyun. I think this would be a great snack if you were looking for something savoury and a little spicy.

Pachishuwa Grape Soda Mix
This is exactly what grape soda would be like if you could eat it instead of drinking it. A mixture that crackles and pops just like you're drinking a real soda.
This candy absolutely lived up to it's name and description!! The candy in the pack consists of purple rocks & purple chewy squares (both shown on the packet) as well as small white pieces of candy which dissolve easily. The purple rocks are just like popping candy - they "pop" in your mouth. The purple squares are chewy and very yummy. They taste just like grapes (similar to a Hi-Chew flavour). The tiny white pieces of candy fizz and dissolve in your mouth and really give you that soda effect. I would definitely purchase packets of this candy! 

Uranai-kko Bubble Gum
These soft and smooth bubble gum sticks are not only tasty, they tell your future as well! Each stick has it's own fortune. Check out  the Japan Crate blog for translations to see how lucky you are!
So out of the three of us, only Christy managed to find out her fortune. The bubble gum its' self tasted a little like coke and it was yummy, smooth and soft! I even managed to blow bubbles with it! :)

Pejoy : Cookies & Cream
These sweet biscuit sticks have a cookie stick (that is hollow) which is filled with cream! It's yummy and light as a snack, though honestly the main taste is just sweet - not really cookie & cream-ish.

Meiji Dice Caramel
These little guys have been around since 1910! The package is made to look like 5 different dice, each with a caramel hidden inside.
These caramel cubes are one of my favourites from this November Japan Crate Box!! Each dice has 2  pieces of caramel, which all have that perfect soft, chewy caramel taste ♡ I would love to buy a box of these caramels! 

Naruto Blind Box
Watch out! There's a ninja hiding somewhere in your crate. You'll get 1 of 8 different Naruto figures. Believe it!
ahah because Naruto is on the front of the box, I thought I got Naruto!!! But instead I got Kakashi Sensei! He's a very cute little figure that can be attached to what you like. :)

Black Thunder
One of our all-time favourites! A chocolate bar with a name inspired by the Japanese god of thunder It's filled with cookie pieces, rice puffs and covered in dark chocolate.
Another of my personal favourites from the box! This chocolate bar has a very yummy and sweet chocolate taste with lots of pieces of rice puffs & cookie bits!  I love it!

Glico Man Caramel & Toy
A fun treat that comes with candies and a surprise wooden toy! Play with your new toy while you enjoy yummy caramel hearts.
Inside the box, the caramel heart-shaped pieces are individually wrapped up. The caramel its' self is yummy, soft and sweet. Not as yummy as the caramel in the Meiji Dice Caramel candy, but still good.
Superstring Q
50 inches of grape yummy in one long string, just long enough to play jump rope if you're less than four feet tall! Two flavours alternate between sweet and sour, fold yours in half to enjoy both flavours at once.
I remember eating candy really similar to this in primary school - and I loved it!
This was super yummy to eat~ I personally found both flavours to be chewy & sweet (but hey! you don't see me complaining about it!) and it was yummy to enjoy.

Chunosuke Water
Try one of three Chunosuke Water flavours :
Exercise - a refreshing sports drink taste perfect for rehydrating after exercise
Grape - a light and sweet grape flavoured juice that's crisp and delicious
Apple - a sour apple flavoured juice that leaves a refreshing apple aftertaste
Best to drink after refrigerating!! ahah don't make the mistake we did (in the video) of drinking it straight out of the box! (◍˃̶ᗜ˂̶◍)ノ”
It is quite a nice drink - which to us, tasted like lemonade or sprite! (so I'm guessing the flavour we got was the "exercise" flavour). It wasn't too sweet and it was quite refreshing to drink.

Spy Vs Spy Sour Gum
These may look like two identical sticks of gum, but one is a spy undercover. Choose a stick carefully because one is more sweet while the other is extremely sour!
(If you watched the video) Do not trust Tracys' opinion of the sour gum!!! It was actually VERY sour!! hahah the sour gum was very sour!! However, the sweet gum tasted a little like banana. Both sticks really do look exactly the same - so you can't tell which is which!

Funassyi Furi-Furi Shake DIY Kit
Mix up a sweet pear flavoured milkshake with this silly DIY kit. You'll need an ice cube and a cup of milk.
This was the highlight of the box! Although fun to make - the shake its' self didn't really taste that good.... The little Japan Crate Booklet that comes with each box, has instructions on how to use the kit - so you won't need a Japanese translator to help you figure it out :)
It was very simple and easy to make - however the taste, personally, wasn't very good | ू•ૅω•́)ᵎᵎᵎ

My favourites from this Japan Crate November 2015 box would have to be the Black Thunder Chocolate bar, the Meiji Dice Caramel and the Pachishuwa Grape Soda Mix.

I hope you guys enjoyed watching the video!
It was very fun to make & we had a great time testing all the candy~

If you'd like to get yourself a box from Japan Crate do check out their website here :

I'm hopefully will have another post drafted to post while I'm away!
I won't be bringing my laptop...but I'll be vlogging! 



  1. Ahhh all the food looks so goood!! Have you guys ever tried Skoshbox before?! Its a similar service :D

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  2. Omg, you all sound and look super cute! Thanks for sharing this, I've been wanting to try a snack subscription box for a while but not sure which one to get >_< everything looks delicious.

  3. That's a lot of delicious things in one box :) I love Japanese snacks too, but I usually just buy them from the grocery store aha... I'm sure you had a great time testing out all the snacks lol!



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