Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Valedictory - My High School Graduation!

Hi everyone~

Here's a drafted post I saved to publish while during my WACE exams!
I've officially completed 4 out of my 6 exams and I honestly just can't wait to finish my finals!!!

btw. I'm going to the MAMA Awards!!! We bought tickets already!! I can't wait!! :D
I might end up snapchatting my trip? Anyone got snapchat? leave me your username below ^^

Once exams are over, I'll be able to start catching up on blogs and comments~ 

Anyways! here are a tonne (not really) of photos from my valedictory!
I took a lot with my parents first, before my friends started to arrive~
Thank you daddy for taking time off work to attend & to mummy for always being organised ♡( ૢ⁼̴̤̆ ꇴ ⁼̴̤̆ ૢ)~ෆ♡

I haven't taken a selfie in a while ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧
I decided on a really light makeup, with a flawless base for the night. 
Nearly had my hair down, but then I thought....no...it would probably get super messy before the event even started (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Amanda & Esther!
Music girls! Ester learns bassoon & I use to learn oboe with Amanda (before I stopped...to concentrate on piano). They are both really good with their instruments~

I got daddy to help me take some photos. But he complained that he didn't like my camera and regretted not bringing his DSLR ∗˚(* ˃̤൬˂̤ *)˚∗
Anyways, daddy always tries to take "sneak shots" [as he claims "na-tu-r-al"], but I was totally ready for this one! (but maybe not as ready for that next photo below)

Christy & Ryan

With the gorgeous Ain! Her beauty radiates in the photos~ ( I need to learn her ways & her makeup skill! Not even kidding - all the years I've known her, Ains' eyeliner & eyebrows have always been on point  (灬ºωº灬)♡ )
haha the brightness makes me look like a ghost...

Joyce & Ain


Linda & Joyce & Christy
Ryan & Tracy

Linda & Lee
(we are missing Ji!)

Wina ♡

This photo was literally me to Wina "ayee!! no! we need to take at least 1 normal photo together!" #derpqueen

Adwina & Kylie




Adwina & Helena & Li Ling & Kylie & Andrea & Kavitha

Thank you all for taking photos with & helping me to take photos ♡
I wanted to add a few more (like my physics group photo) but...they were a little too embarrassing to post here ><

Is it just me, or does it seem like blogpost has been killing my photo quality lately?! (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)
Let me know! How was your high school valedictory/graduation like?
xx Charmaine


  1. It's very interesting to see your graduation... Because we don't have any graduation robes/costumes at all! First time I saw something like that when high post professors in my uni were wearing it in their introduction, during special event. But it looks very cool I think! ^^
    Have a nice day~


  2. Ahh you're so adorable!! >~<
    Good luck on the rest of your exams! <3

    I remember for my graduation there wasn't enough room on the sidewalk for me and my family to take pictures (because everyone else's family were taking pictures and passing by grr) so we had to take pictures in the grass.. BUT I WAS WEARING HEELS. I had to stand on my toes because my heels would sink into the grass if I didn't. It was a fun day but my feet ached. ;__;

    Oh, and my snapchat is manysaep! I'd love to see your trip! >< (i may or may not be addicted to snapchat hehehe)

    Phailee <3

  3. Cute photos :)
    BLOG M&MFASHIONBITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/
    Maria V.

  4. It feels so long ago when I graduated high school >_< You look very beautiful! Good luck on the rest of your exams and congrats on the valedictory!



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