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Etude House : Berry Delicious Collection [Pink Bird Box] || Review

Hello sweet-hearts!

I'm slowly getting tanner as I keep "forgetting" to apply suncream on before I leave the house ><
It's now coming to my 5th week at Uni and I'm slowly getting use to the *very* early mornings...
What time do you guys usually wake up at?

Berry Delicious Fantastic Colour Eye #8 [Strawberry Fondue]
Eyeshadow Palette [Link]
This is a 6 colour eye shadow palette that comes in trendy colours and various textures for fantastic experssion of the eyes for different occasions. 
Directions : With enclosed tip's wider surface, spread base colour onto eyelid and with tip's narrow surface, apply shadow for gradation, eye edges or delicate application to lash line.
My Review : The colours in this palette are mainly of neutral browns, pinks and a few glittery colours:
Hazelnut Chocolate - Although from the palette it looks like a simple brown shadow, the colour comes out as a beautiful copper brown shadow with a slight rose/pink tone.
Berry Milk Chocolate - A youthful sweet pink colour which would be gorgeous of a light sweet makeup look.
Sugary Butter - I guess there is always at least 1 glitter shadow in every palette and this is it in the Strawberry Fondue palette. It is a very, very sheer neutral base colour with mainly gold (and a bit of silver) glitter.
Cheese Berry - The best way for me to describe this pink is that it is a bright hot pink shadow. The colour "pops" out the strongest out of the colours in the palette.
Fresh Strawberry - A pretty dark pink-rose colour with some gold glitter. The glitter here is more subtle than the glitter in the Sugary Butter shadow - however the base colour is more visible and pigmented.
Dip! Dip! - A copper-brown shadow with a little bit of gold glitter. I found this to be the most pigmented colour out of the palette.
All the colours in the palette were fairly pigmented (excluding the Sugary Butter shadow) and they were all buildable. Even without the use of a primer, the colours came out beautifully - they blended out easily and didn't crease throughout the day.
The colours in the palette allow you to create different eye makeup looks - from a sweet girly look to a soft rosy grunge look.

Colour In Liquid Lips #RD305
Eyeshadow Palette [Link]
The moisturising strawberry moisture softly melts on the lips.
My Review : I found this lip product to be a mix of a lip-tint and lip-gloss. The texture of the Colour In Liquid Lips is not as watery as usual lip tints - yet it isn't thick/sticky enough to be fully considered a lip gloss. When applied it has a moisturising effect which keeps my lips from looking cracked for a few hours - and it initially looks like a slightly glossy lip tint.
The colour is gorgeous!!! I was worried that it would be too red for me to wear, but it came out as a deep pink with red tones (basically like the colour of a strawberry!)
The tint managed to last me a while but after a few hours, the colour faded into a light natural pink. 
(btw, it also has a sweet scent to it~)

Berry Delicious Cream Blusher #01 [Ripe Strawberry]
Cream Blush [Link]
This is a moist strawberry coloured cream blusher that flushes cheeks for a lovely look. 
My Review : Beware! This blush is super-duper pigmented! hahhaha you only need very little of it to create a nice flush on your cheeks. 
The colour of the blush is is true to it's name - it is a beautiful red. 
However, because the blush is so pigmented, you have to be careful not to get too much of the blush on your brush - otherwise you may end up with very red cheeks. XD
Although this is name a "cream blusher" i personally thought that the blush was more of a regular powder blush. It was easy to blend out but I didn't find that it had the texture of a cream blush.
Other than that, the colour of the blush is pretty, it is highly pigmented and it gives a very sweet flushed look.

Berry Delicious Any Cushion [Light Beige]
Cushion Foundation [Link]
This flawless cushion foundation creates beautiful pearly bright skin with its full coverage and smoothing effects. 
My Review : I wasn't too sure what to expect from the Any Cushion as though my previous experiences with other Etude House BB Creams (excluding the Big Cover Concealer BB), they didn't quite match my skin tone and ended making me look either to pale or grey...
I was quite happy with this Any Cushion Foundation though! It had a medium-fair coverage and gave a soft and slightly matte finish. I like how you only need a thin layer of the cushion foundation to get a light coverage and even when you need to apply a little more of the foundation to trouble areas (to hide them), it didn't leave my skin feeling or even looking "caked" ^^
+ Bonus is that the cushion foundation has SPF 50!

Hope you guys enjoyed my reviews~
I'm still getting use to the Uni life and I joined quite a few clubs!
It's a little busy and very different to highschool - but I'm enjoying myself~
Sorry for the delay in blogposts ♡♡

xx Charmaine


  1. Hello ♥

    I envy your pink box so much this time. Such a lovely items~ I am crazy about Berry Delicious eyeshadows, but I have already 10 EH Fantastic color eyes eyeshadow pallets. And all of them looks almost untouched... -_-;; I am still resisting, but it's so hard as I see it now.

    Thank you and have a nice day! Nana ^^

    1. Hi Nana ♡
      I am in love with the eyeshadow palette! I find myself switching between it & my pony palette nowadays~
      ohh!!! 10?! hahah better be using them! ^^
      xx Charmaine

  2. i really love this collection! definitely need to try using this lip tint <3 but all of these products look nice xx

    1. The lip tint is gorgeous & I am really loving the eyeshadows~~
      Thank you for reading Daria (⋆ʾ ˙̫̮ ʿ⋆)
      xx Charmaine

  3. berry milk chocolate so pretty. although i didnt understand why they named it like that when the color is obviously look pinkish rather than brown ,kkk~


  4. I love how you always dress to suit the theme of your review <3 seriously awesome and so freakin adorable. Nice to know that you're settling into uni life alright ^_^ I dont know if I'll ever be used to the early mornings because I catch a train at 7am ;___; Super pretty review, the way you wrote about the liquid lips really made it sound delicious...
    ~Weng wengiful

  5. I love these photos charmaine they look really pretty and clean *-* ♥ I love how you put in so much effort too haha your sweater matches the box theme perfectly! >.< ♥ I really love how the liquid lips look on you, the color suits you a lot! And the blusher is really cute too. I already heard from some youtubers that the blusher is really pigmented haha~
    How is your uni life right now? It would be nice if you would blog about it because I'm quite curious haha. Also which clubs did you join? >u<

    Mindy ♥

  6. SOOOO PRETTY!!! Etude House is always has such cute products!!! Love the blush and lip color!!! Nicely pigmented and the eyeshadows are cute colors! Everyone is right you matched the box theme!! You are super cute <3 <3 <3!! ^^ I also love your pet and this little cat rolling in corner of your blog. You blog is so so so cute!! Thanks for the review!! <3 <3 <3 from Chuonie
    By the way, how do I subbie with blogger? I can't seem to find the subscribe button. :(

    Chuonie.Blogspot.Com I

  7. OMG the shadows is very cute! and your clothes is very cute, i really want to try the blush! nice review btw!


  8. I love the packaging of this collection <3 it's so cute and I also got the liquid lips, It's really nice :)


  9. Oh so cute!
    Especially your fotos are adorable! <33

    Greetings, Rosalie


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