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Stay Lean Tea Australia || Review & Giveaway

Hello sweeties!

What have you guys been up to? anything interesting?  :)
I've just finished my 2nd week of university...I've finally got myself "fixed" on the units which I'll be doing for this semester and I bought all the books for the units....(so $$$ expensive!! I cry!)

I've also joined a few clubs, met some new friends and reunited with old friends (ºωº)♡

Recently I got the opportunity to try out a "teatox" tea - which was interesting. Click below to continue reading~

 Stay Lean Tea

Stay Lean Tea is an Australian owned natural health tea company with a focus on promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.
We take pride in sourcing natural and organic ingredients of the highest quality to deliver a healthy and sustainable weight loss solution. We do NOT use laxatives in our tea. Our blends are loaded with bioactive tea leaves and antioxidant rich Goji Berries that are primarily designed to detoxify the body while boosting the metabolism.

So when I got contacted by Stay Lean Tea if I wanted to try out one of their tea detox programs I made sure to check out the ingredients first!
I've heard before that some of the other tea detox (aka "Tea-tox") companies used some ingredients such as laxatives in their tea in order to provide results...I was pretty scared of this idea so I did some checking just to make sure that Stay Lean Tea was ok and healthy to consume.
Here are the ingredients :
          Lean Burner Blend: Longjing green leaf, Pu'erh Tea Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Lotus leaf, Lemon 
           Grass, Oolong leaf, Goji Berry.

          Lean Cleanse Blend: Longjing green leaf, Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, Rose flower, 
           Lavender, Roselle, Lemon Grass.

The key ingredient is the rare leaf Longjing which is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and catechins that work together to stimulate fat loss and detoxify the body.

So how does the tea work?
The Detox Program contains 2 separate blends that have been formulated using different ratios of the key ingredient Longjing green leaf. This rare leaf is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and catechins. When these blends are combined they work together to stimulate fat loss while replenishing your body with nutrients.

The process can be broken down into three phases:
1. The Lean Cleanse blend detoxifies your digestive system by eliminating toxins within the digestive tract.
2. As these toxins are removed nutrient absorption is enhanced and the body starts to burn calories at a faster rate.
3. With a replenished digestive system the Lean Burner blend kickstarts the metabolism and facilitates fat oxidation.

My Review
It initially took me ages to figure out which tea I was suppose to drink and when >< haha - but here is what you're suppose to do!
The "14 day lean burner" tea is to be taken every morning while the "14 day lean cleanse" tea is to be taken on alternate afternoons.
I personally thought that the "lean burner" tea has a strong scent of lemongrass while the "lean cleanse" tea had a light aroma - but I wasn't too sure of what. Both of the teas had a light taste, it wasn't bitter nor sweet - but if you would prefer to have your tea a little bit sweeter, you could add a teaspoon of honey to it.
I love asian teas : green tea, Chinese tea etc. (I drink them nearly on a daily basis)
So the taste of the Stay Lean Tea was quite new and different to me. It took me a few days to get use to the taste, but other than that, it was a nice change of tea.

From my experience of using the tea - I didn't find that it caused any major change in my weight.
I ate like I normally do (with lots of snacking as usual ><) and as for exercise...nah...I the only form of exercise for me is walking around campus. 
The tea did make me feel less bloated and I thought that it helped me to maintain my current weight.

The 28 Day Detox Program helps to:
Give the metabolism a huge boost
Burn excess calories while at rest
Suppress appetite over a sustained period of time
Remove toxins from the digestive tract
Enhance nutrient absorption
Reduce bloating and water retention
Increase energy levels and boost the immune system

Now, if you'd guys like to give the tea a try - here is a chance!
I've teamed up with Stay Lean Tea to give one lucky reader a chance to try the 28 Detox Program - the tea which I tried out :)
The giveaway is international - so don't forget to join and share it with your friends~

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Hope you guys are having a lovely day~ 
Uni has started and ... it's a lot of walking for me! haha
xx Charmaine


  1. I love teas, and it's always a huge bonus when they're beneficial for my body. I've tried a couple of tea-tox challenges and have always enjoyed them in the past. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love drinking teas these days so I'm quite interested in this~! The directions sound a little confusing to me too though haha. I think this tea would be really effective if you exercise or are trying to lose some weight at the same time. Maybe you will see some weight loss effects when you drink it for a few more months~ >u< I was planning to lose some weight after I have graduated fron school so I hope I can win this giveaway haha, wish me luck! ^-^

    Mindy ♡

  3. I love tea! I would love to try these out. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Good Golly Miss Molly. . Wow, prize detox hank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. :)

  5. loved reading this post!

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