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Etude House : Pink Vital Water Serum & Colour Flower Eyeshadow [Pink Bird Box] || Review

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Pink Vital Water - Serum
Serum [Link]
The new-concept water drop essence delivers moisturising and revitalising energy with lightly spreading droplet particles.
Directions : After the toner, apply the appropriate amount onto the face and massage from the center outwards. Then with the left over moisture, gently dab away so that the skin absorbs them. 
My Review : Pink Peach + Vitamin Ace = Healthy Vital Skin All products from this skincare line contain an anti-oxidant water droplet formula that claims to keep skin healthy and moisturised without leaving any shine or a sticky feeling. With 75.54% Pink Peach Water, the skincare line claims to give your skin "pink-ful vitality and moisture energy".
The Pink Vital Water Serum came in a cute little bottle that's around the size of my hand. It has a very light texture and does it's job without leaving your skin feeling sticky of with any residue. It has a light-weight, water-like consistency which allows it to spread on your skin easily & be absorbed quickly. It has a very light faint scent - somewhat peachy/floral, which does fade away quickly. 
I found the serum to be moistursing and great as an instant moisture booster - however in comparison to my favourite serum (the Innisfree green tea seed serum), it didn't keep my skin feeling moisturised for as long as the innisfree serum does.
What I really liked about the serum was it's texture, consistency and how it left my skin with a nice, lightly refreshed feeling without feeling sticky.

Images from Etude House
Look At My Eyes : Colour Flower Lessons
Eyeshdow [Link] + Flower Lesson Empty Eyeshadow Palette [Link]
My Review : The flower lessons empty eyeshadow palette is super cute and compact. It's small and has a reasonably sized inbuilt mirror with a small flower detail on the inside.
PP509  - AnemoneA gorgeous lavender shade with a cool, slightly grey undertone. The eyeshadow has a matte and soft-powdery finish.
PK008 - RoseA smooth-silky eyeshadow of a light pink shade with a peachy (& slightly orange) undertone. On fairer skin, the eyeshadow comes out as a pink shade, but on slighter darker/tanned skin, it comes out more on the coral/peachy side.
BR421 - Craft Paper A light brown shade - more towards the light gold side with a little bit of gold shimmer. It's a pretty brown that's quite natural and sheer enough to use for a light makeup look.
BR422 - ConeA matte red-brown shade which is smooth and easy to blend out. This shade was also very pretty and nice to use without the aid of a primer~
Overall for the eyeshadows, I found that it was best to use the shadows along with a primer as it helped to bring out the colours more.

How to remove the inner eyeshadow dish from the case : 
Image provided by Etude House Global
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  1. Etude always has the cutest packaging! I really love the eyeshadow colors~ Really want to try lavender color. Hope you have a great week Charmaine~

  2. This is super cute! ♥ I can't look at their eyeshadows anymore, I want them all~ Thank you for the review.

    Have a nice day ^^

  3. wow! so beautiful!!! Your blog is very interesting

  4. The color BR422 is so pretty! The packaging is also very cute ><

  5. That 'Anemone' shade looks so wearable! I'm always a bit scared of blue or lavender eyeshadows, but I'd love to try that one. *__* The 'Craft Paper' one, too, because the name is too cute! :3 The shade selection for this palette is super pretty!

  6. Uni must be busy but looks like you're having fun! I can't believe how many shades of eyeshadow Etude house have released how, they look so pretty :)
    ~Weng wengiful 


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