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Etude House : Twin Shot - Lips x Tint [Pink Bird Box] || Review

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Twin Shot - Lips x Tint
PK002 & RD302
Lips X Tint [Link]
Fresh tint shot is added to the soft mousse tint! The moist, twin-colour gradation darkens over time.
Directions : Apply the soft mousse tint on the entire lips as if applying full cover to brighten and smoothen the lips. Lightly apply the tint shot on the inside of the lips to make the two colour produce natural gradation.

My Review :
RD302 - Dusty x Rose Shot
The mousse tint is very creamy and the colour is sort of a dusty rose - brown colour. Although creamy, I found that the mousse formula wasn't very hydrating, so if your lips were dry - it showed easily... The rose tint shot is a very pigmented, bright red tint. A little thicker in texture than the usual liquid lip tints, but the colour payoff was beautiful.

PK002 - Inner x Peace Shot
hehehe your easily-amused-charmaine was very happy to see a "blue" tint! why?
The mousse tint is originally blue - but when applied, it gradually changes to a pink which suits your skin tone. I have so much love for this mousse tint and to top it of - the tint shot is a light, shimmery glossy pink colour ♡♡♡ I personally found that this twin shot was more lenient to my dry lips than the other colour combination.

I love the whole idea of the twin shot - lips x tint. It gives you the choice to use the mousse tint and tint shot either together, to create a gorgeous gradient look, or by it's self. The colours were all very pigmented and the combinations worked well together. 
The tints packaging - as you can see from my photos were slightly different to the Etude House website photos. For me, the mousse tint and tint shot were separated so you have the choice to use it together or on it's own, while in the Etude House photos - the packaging is with the tint shot being inside the applicator so you'd have to "click" to get out the product. If I'm not wrong, when you purchase the tints, they should come as the packaging shown in my photos. :)
I'm not sure if it's just me, but I also found that the formula of the mousse tint for both colours was slightly different as the Inner x Peace shots' mousse tint was slightly more hydrating (more of a thick liquid instead of a mousse texture) than the Dusty x Rose shots' mousse tint.

I'm really happy with all Etude Houses' latest lip products! :)  I can't wait to see what they have to release next~

xx Charmaine


  1. omg i love it! the blue&pink one is just perf x

  2. Wow that's such a nice concept hehe!! I was so shocked when I saw that one of those tints is BLUE and was so curious to see it on your lips hehe >.< It turned out really pretty kind of reminded me of the vdl x pantone lipstick in blue hahaha I don't think this tint would be something for me because my lips are always so dry T_T It's been a while and I hope everything is going well for you hehe!!!

    Mindy ♥

  3. the products looks so pretty! It's a cool concept, mixing the two tints, and the colors look great on you :)


  4. PK002 is beautiful, it looks like a rare shade ♥ Thank you for the review and have a nice day~

  5. Looks like Etude House is releasing so many lovely shades here, I personally can't wait to try the blue tint! :D

    ieyra h. | blog


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