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YesStyle Korean Beauty Box Review! || Review

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Today's blogpost is a review & haul in collaboration with YesStyle!
YesStyles Top 10 Beauty Products!

Blackhead & Sebum Out Nose Pack
Made with charcoal, ash, allantoin, licorice extract and morocco lava clay - this easy to use pose pack helps remove blackhead and sebum and deeply cleanses pores. 
Directions : 1. Cleanse your face thoroughly.
Directions : 2. Moisten nose.
Directions : 3. Dry your hands and remove the transparent film from the nose pack.
Directions : 4. Attach nose pack to nose with the smooth side facing down, starting from the tip of 
Directions : 2. the nose. Press gently so that it adheres well.
Directions : 5. Wait for 10-15 minutes until the nose pack is dry.
Directions : 6. Remove nose pack slowly from the edges.
My Review 
I found this nose pack to be relatively pain-less in comparison to other nose packs which I've tried (such as one by Holika Holika). The most satisfying part of using a nose pack is when you can see the gunk from your nose sticking on the sheet...gross (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ω˂̣̣̥)੭ु⁾⁾...
I'd say this work pretty well one me and it's be a blackhead removal pack which I'd suggest you guys try for yourself :)
One tip! Use the blackhead pack after you come out from the shower (◍˃̶ᗜ˂̶◍) As you're body is warm from the shower - the heat is retained and your pores are open. 

Precious Mineral BB Cream - Cover & Bright Fit
Etude House
BB Cream [Link] 
The double layer cover formula ensures this BB cream covers imperfections and creates a more even skin tone. The triple-action formula moisturises, protects and whitens with the help of SPF 30, while the silky fluid spread evenly and smoothly on skin, for a more flawless texture. 
Directions : After basic skin care, apply a small amount of product to hands and spread evenly across facial surface. 
My Review 
Unlike a previous etude house BB cream which I have tried before, this BB cream brightens your skin tone and creates a smooth even finish. In my review video - I am using a thin layer of the product and it makes my skin look pretty~ :)
I used my beauty blender to help even out the product, but you can always just use your fingers to apply. Bonus points for SPF 30 ^^

Lip Sleeping Mask
Lip Mask [Link] 
Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask helps dissolve dead skin cells while you slumber, making it look younger and plumper. Berry Mix Complex with Vitamin C and antioxidant-packed berry ingredients make lips firmer, while hyaluronic acid helps with moisture absorption overnight. 
Directions : 1. Before going to bed, apply a liberal amount of the product on the lips using a 
Directions : 1. spatula.
Directions : 2. Gently wipe lips clean with tissue or cotton pad the next morning. 
My Review 
This is one of my favourite - holy grail items ♡♡♡. I've been using this way before YesStyle sent me this awesome box of goodies. I first discovered it when my lips were desperately dry and I needed someway to bring them back to life. My mum gave me a small sample size version of this to try, and ever since, I use this overnight when I need a lip treatment.
The mask melts the dead skin cells and all the flaky-ness away, while also providing moisture. So when you wakeup, you'll have lips which are prepped and ready for makeup. I still make sure I use a lipbalm with this as it is a treatment - so the effects won't last you the entire day.
Sometimes, I do find that it does make my lips look "plumper" (but then again, it could always just been my allergies acting up ∗˚(* ˃̤൬˂̤ *)˚∗).

Cheek Cushion Tint
Cheek Cushion Tint [Link] 
Lightweight emulsion-type blusher with built-in cushion applicator, glides on skin easily for a flawless finish, Enriched with extracts from 15 herbs and flowers.
Directions : Press the tube gently and allow the cushion to soak in the emulsion. Then gently tap the cheeks with the cushion. Spread the colour using your fingertips, smoothing out the edges for a natural complexion.
My Review 
The formula is a really nice, smooth and creamy texture, so it is very easy to blend out into your base makeup. Careful not to squeeze out too much product - as a little goes a long way~
The pink has a really "soft" feel to the colour - so it blends out into a very natural looking flush.

Lip & Cheek Cushion Tint
Lip Tint [Link] 
Smudge-free lip tint adds delicious colours to your lips, giving them a moisturised, glossy look. Lip-shaped sponge applicator allows for precise lip definition. 
My Review 
Surprisingly the formula for this lip tint was super duper thick and creamy! The total opposite to the traditional water-based lip tints. However, do not be quick to judge! The lip tint applies smoothly & and you only need a little to cover your lips.
Glossy?? No. I found the finished look to be quite matte and it gave an almost "powdery" & soft look.
The colour is very pretty & is basically a MLBB lip tint :)

Tattoo Lip Tint
Lip Tint [Link] 
Discover an easy, non-smudging way of colouring your lips with this peel-off lip tint from Berrisom. 
Directions : Simply apply lip balm and add a layer of the lip tint. Let dry for 5 to 10 minutes before gently peeling it off from the corner of your lips to enjoy 12 hours of smooth, non-fading colour. The sweet colour makes you look sweet and kissable, while the moisturising formula keeps lips in healthy condition. Finish with lip gloss to enhance volume and shine.
My Review 
YESSSS!!! Berrisoms tattoo lip tints are gorgeous and they last you the entire day!!!
Just be careful when applying, that it is applied smoothly and evenly - otherwise you may end up with a patchy colour... ><

Color My Brows
Etude House
Brow Mascara [Link] 
Color brow tint lightens or darkens your eyebrows with its natural brown shade, giving it more definition to match your makeup. 
Directions : Draw according to eyebrow line naturally. 
My Review 
I have done a review of this previously in the shade #02. This one is a little darker in the shade #04.
Review! I found that this colour suits me better - however I have to make sure that I don't apply toooo much! 

Fast 10's Gel Eye Liner Auto Pencil
Beauty People
Eyeliner Pencil [Link] 
Twist-type eyeliner delivers highly pigmented colour to eyelids and dries in only 10 seconds. Pull-out sharpener on the other end ensures the tip is always ready for application. Waterproof and smudge-proof. 
My Review 
LOVE LOVE LOVE. This eyeliner was the treasure find of this k-beauty box!!
It glides on smoothly and dries quickly~
+ IT HAS SILVER GLITTER IN IT.  ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧ need I say more??!
The pencil is easy to use and the formula makes the application even and smooth - allowing you to achieve a perfect sharp line easily.

I'm Real Mask Sheet
Tony Moly
Sheet Mask [Link] 
Triple-layer sheet mask adheres closely to effectively steep skin in moisture and nutrient-enriched beauty serum, leaving skin soft and smooth after every use. 
The collection includes :
red wine (pore care)
avocado (nutrition)
aloe (moisture)
broccoli (vitality)
makgeoli (skin-purifying)
sea weed (skin-purifying)
tea tree (skin-soothing)
pomegranate (elasticity)
rice (clear skin)
lemon (brightening)
tomato (radiance)
Each mask contains rapidly absorbing serum helps restore moisture to skin and refine complexion. 
Directions : For best results, apply mask on cleansed and towel-dried face, leaving on for 20-30 minutes before removing and patting in excess serum. Do not rinse off.

Collagen Eye Patch
Etude House

Eye Mask [Link] 

Under-eye patches are fortified with collagen to deeply hydrate the eye area and prevent dryness. 
Directions : Apply patches on cleansed and towel-dried face for 15-20 minutes. Gently pat in remaining essence.

Hope you guys enjoyed my haul and reviews!!! :)
I'll be back soon with a new blogpost~~

Stay well 
xx Charmaine

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