Sunday, 13 November 2016

Griffin & Row : Hydrate - Skin Hydration Spray || Review

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It's spring - nearly summer here in Australia! The weather has been getting hot and it feels like beach weather!! ^^
What better way to start with a review of a refreshing and moisturising, Australian branded, face mist!

Griffin & Row is an Australian skincare brand which is free from harmful chemicals and is not tested on animals! Their products promise to help you achieve healthier, younger looking skin by their choice of natural ingredients + their packaging is 100% recyclable. The use of plant extracts which are known for their antioxidant and regenerative properties, contribute to their goal of directly targeting ageing causes.

"We believe that skincare is not about fashion but is about skin health care. We only produce the essentials that are ideal for everyday skincare that makes the daily regime fast and effective for busy women."

Hydrate - Skin Hydration Spray
Griffin & Row
An uplifting spray designed to give you an instant refresh. This natural and alcohol free solution contains centess+ complex to help maintain natural moisture balance. 
Directions : Use morning and night to ad absorption of Nourish and/Enrich products.
Simply Spray a few spritzes of Hydrate over the face - spray from a distance that enables you to cover your entire face in a light even mist.

When using the mist - make sure you spray at a distance and spray the nozzle with power!! If you do, you'll be sure to get an even coverage and nice mist of the product~
It also has a light scent - I can't figure out what it is!! But it's some-what a light refreshing herbal scent? (it disappears really quickly after you apply the mist though)
I personally find myself using this after skincare, before my makeup and sometimes on top of my makeup when I feel I need to lock in a little extra moisture into my skin. The mist is very light and it absorbs into your skin easily.

Love you hear what you guys think & let me know below, what is your go-to face mist?
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  1. Love the packaging and would love to try using this product! Hope I can get it in Malaysia ㅠㅠ

    1. Hi Jane!! Actually you can buy it online though their website :)
      thank you for reading <3
      xx Charmaine

  2. OMG I want it all!! You look lovely! Have a nice day sweetie!!

    PS: Do you want to follow each other? Let me know! ;)


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