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Early Picker Haul & Review + April Skin Giveaway! || Early Picker x Charrmyn

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It's Charmaine here! I'm back to bring you guys a review of some of the hottest and trendiest products in Korea from

Who is Early Picker
Early Picker are an online store catered towards us global customers. They sell the hottest and trendiest brands and products in Korea at super reasonable prices!
They also have something called a "Time Sale", where they bundle a heap of products together to offer to us customers at a really reasonable and good deal.
If anything! I HAVE to mention to you guys about their Sample Pouch. It is absolutely abundant with amazing products - I cannot even express to you guys how amazed I am!! (check my preview photo below for a quick peak at the samples I received!)

In all honesty, I am changing where I shop online to buy my k-beauty products from Early Picker as their shipping is fast, their prices are really reasonable and the sample pouch is amazing!

Stay tuned as I'll be reviewing their sample pouch in a separate blogpost~
Continue reading for a surprise April Skin Korean Beauty Giveaway!!!


Rose Glam Moisture Cover Foundation #21
April Skin
Balm Type Foundation [Link] 
For all skin types, balm-type foundation of compressed hydration essence provides great adherence to create velvety finish even on rough skin type with acne scars.
Directions : Apply the product using the built-in brush and pat evenly on skin.
My Review 
The rose brush was a key point of the product for me. It is very pretty and soft - it glides the foundation smoothly on my skin, leaving me with a beautiful velvet-like finish. The foundation has a medium to high coverage and is fairly buildable.
As you can see in my photos, 1 layer was enough to hide the slight redness in my skin and leave it looking flawless! I didn't use any concealer or base in the photos and yet, the foundation left my skin look flawless with a soft finish.
The foundation is super long lasting. I've found that its lasted me an entire day without cracking, creasing or rubbing off. It is light weight and has moisturising component to keep makeup fresh and lasting long.


Pinky Clay Nose Pack
April Skin
3 Step Black Head Removal Clay [Link] 
Digs deep into the pores and removes blackheads and whiteheads. Softly opens, cleanly removes, calmly relaxes. A three-step special kit.

Directions : 

My Review :  
The 3-step special kit allows you to target specific areas on your face for blackhead and whitehead removal. What I really love about this product is that the nose pack (step 2.) comes in a liquid, gel-like consistency. This allows you to apply the product anywhere on your face and in any shape!
Personally, this is a huge pro in comparison to the traditional nose pack strips, as you have the freedom to target specific areas on your face and as well, it molds to the shape of your nose.
A tip to help open your pores is to use a steam towel in addition to the toner (step.1) or to use the kit straight after a hot shower.

The Pinky Clay Nose Pack is also really worth it's value as it has enough product to last you around 10 removal sessions.


Magic Snow Cushion White 2.0 #22
April Skin
Cushion Foundation [Link] 
A triple functional cosmetic that covers sunscreen protection, whitening and anti-wrinkle. Foundation in cushion-type provides fresh texture and natural-looking complexion. Magic Snow Cushion has great coverage and creates a perfect silk-smooth look.
Directions : 1. Apply the product using the built-in brush and pat evenly on skin.
My Review 
The April Skin Magic Snow Cushions have been a really trendy product on the internet! I've seen their products being advertised on my facebook at least twice a day at one point!
I was really excited to try this to see if it was as good as it was advertised :)
The PUFF is really nice to use. I don't mention the puff much when I review cushions, but I really need to say that it is very soft and "bouncy". It doesn't feel rubbery at all! The puff really adds to the beautiful application as the softness allows a little product to go a long way as well as giving you a soft and perfect finish.
The product itself has a medium coverage. Being the white ver. of the magic snow cushions, mine has a 60% water-based serum. This means that it is really great for moisturising as it won't make your make up looking dry or even cracked after a while.
The lasting power is really really good! I wore the foundation for at least 9hours and it lasted me the whole day, though the sun and during a KBBQ session without drying out, looking cakey or sweating off. It feels very lightweight, yet it gives you a flawless finish.
In my photos above, I used the Magic Snow Cushion without any makeup base, concealer or any setting powder -and it wasn't sticky and left me with a flawless, soft and natural finish.


White Smiling
Teeth Whitening [Link] 
Medicube white smiling is a clinically tested cosmeceutical teeth whitening product.
Directions :

My Review 
Watch my blog and youtube for a full review on this teeth whitening kit~


Fixing Lip Shield
April Skin
Lip colour coating for long lasting wear [Link] 
Colour-surround powder holds oiliness in lip products and creates coating for lasting colour and smudge-proof look.
Directions : 1. After applying lip products, wait for 30 seconds or until dry. 
Directions : 2. Shake thoroughly before use to mix separated layers until texture appears translucent.
Directions : 3. Squeeze out a pea-sized amount and apply. Wait for at least a minute for product to settle.
My Review 
This product was the golden find in my haul!!! I have absolutely fallen in love with this fixing lip shield - simply because I works!! The lip shield keeps my lip stick on the whole day, when I'm eating and drinking the lipstick doesn't wipe off or smudge at all. The fixing lip shield also stops my lipstick from going patchy and after an entire day, the lipstick does slightly fade - but it is still intact and beautiful! ♡✧♡✧♡✧
A little goes a long way & make sure you let it completely dry on your lips before you do anything.
The April Skin Fixing Lip Shield is honestly an amazing find, and is now one of my essential makeup products when I need my lipstick to last!
I really really do recommend this for you all to try! I really love it and find that it works wonders~~

I hope you all enjoyed reading my review!
Don't forget you can watch my unboxing of the products up on youtube~

I'll be back with another post to review the amazing    Sample Pouch  ✧ ✧ ✧ that Early Picker offers with every purchase~~

ALSO! I've got a giveaway up on the video - so be sure to check it out :)
♡ International giveaway to win:
2x April Skin : Honey Ginseng Mask Pack 
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1x April Skin : Water Coating Tint in Chateau Rose 

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♡ Giveaway ends 25th June! I'll be picking 1 winner randomly from the comments on the video!

xx Charmaine

p.s here is a preview of the sample pouch!!! Look how amazing it is!!!   


  1. Wow, so many great products :) This Rose Glam Foundation is on my wishlist, I really like the black cushion from April Skin - it's my favourite one :)

  2. These sound like great products! Love the look of the Snow White cushion!

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  3. El Rose Glam foundation was my favorite prodcut from your haul!
    Great post! Lovely giveaway

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  5. I always want to try April Skin cushion since there are lot of good comments about it. Anyway you have such wonderful skin even without makeup, so lovely <3



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